Eagle Eye And Ecrebo Partner With Southeastern Grocers To Enable An Omnichannel Retail Strategy

Eagle Eye Solutions, a global marketing technology company that helps retailers create one-to-one customer connections, and Ecrebo Inc, a global POS receipt marketing technology company, are partnering with Southeastern Grocers, Inc. (SEG), to support its business transformation strategy and goal of becoming a digitally-enabled, omnichannel retailer.

One of the largest conventional supermarket companies in the US, Southeastern Grocers selected Eagle Eye in late 2019 to expand its media channels, as well as customer loyalty and CPG promotions. It also selected Ecrebo to enable full control over its paper and digital receipt communications. As it adapts to changing shopping behaviors and customer needs, Southeastern Grocers will rely on Eagle Eye’s AIR Platform to grow its digital and channel marketing capabilities, and leverage customer interactions and data; and Ecrebo to communicate with its customers quickly and effectively.

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“What started as an initial strategy to improve our coupon marketing has evolved into a much larger and comprehensive strategy to become digitally connected with customers, better understand behaviors across different channels, and be able to serve each customer individually with the right offers and content,” said Adam Kirk, SVP – Marketing at Southeastern Grocers.

Grocery operators have long struggled to connect all their marketing channels to collect customer data efficiently and use data to create new revenue opportunities. Through its technology and partnerships, Eagle Eye will provide Southeastern Grocers with a complete digital marketing and advertising solution to help the grocer reach new customers, interact with shoppers across different channels, and retain and reward customers based on their habits. Southeastern Grocers will use Eagle Eye’s AIR Platform as a centralized hub for continuously capturing customer data and consumer interactions, and drive greater marketing efficiencies and return. Eagle Eye will also enable nine media channels that can be monetized and provide Southeastern Grocers with additional revenue streams.

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Grocery operators have also traditionally relied on third parties to manage targeted in-lane receipt communications, resulting in less control over the messaging and CPG revenues. Through its light-touch POS software technology, Ecrebo provides Southeastern Grocers with a comprehensive receipt marketing communications solution. This was launched alongside Eagle Eye in June 2020.

Shoppers visiting Southeastern Grocers’ stores will receive relevant coupons printed on each receipt at checkout, with variables including brand offers and availability according to location. If the shopper is already known, coupons can also be personalized and delivered to a customer’s mobile wallet.

Providing shoppers with coupons at receipt is a highly effective way for CPG brands to promote their products to more consumers, and target different customer segments. Grocers win as they earn additional revenues by offering that promotional space to brands, and consumers also win with offers and discounts on products they buy every day.

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Eagle Eye will roll out more media channels for Southeastern Grocers starting in July 2020. These include on and off-property paid media, connected-shelf digital coupons and targeted emails, as part of the grocer’s broader focus to increase revenues, decrease marketing costs, and incentivize customer loyalty.

“The importance of being able to digitally connect with customers in today’s operating environment cannot be overstated,” said Tim Mason, CEO of Eagle Eye. “For years, grocery chains have been challenged by siloed data and marketing channels, limited visibility of customers, missed opportunities to generate more revenues across media channels, and inability to drive transactional loyalty at scale. “Our technology help Southeastern Grocers overcome all of those issues. We’re enabling the ability to have a single view of the customer and realize the full potential of being an omnichannel retailer.” Ecrebo’s CEO, David Buckingham, added “We are proud to provide Southeastern Grocers with the POS technology that enables them to communicate effectively to each customer.”

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