Insite Software Announces Significant New Customer Growth

Leading B2B ECommerce Solutions Leans Into New Cloud-Based Subscription Strategy, Accelerates Customer Acquisition

Insite Software, a leading B2B commerce platform, is experiencing significant growth and increased market adoption with its new cloud subscription solution. Insite’s rate of new customer acquisition has more than doubled since the launch last summer of InsiteCommerce Cloud, its fully-hosted, SaaS-based eCommerce solution.

Insite Software Delivers Greater Configurability, Enhanced B2B User Interface
Steve Shaffer

“Although Insite Software has always been a leader in eCommerce solutions for enterprise manufacturers and distributors,” said Steve Shaffer, CEO for Insite Software. “We’re experiencing even more success as a result of the strategy to shift our focus from the traditional perpetual on-premise software platform to a Cloud SaaS subscription, making Insite’s value, and best-in-class technology, more accessible for midsized companies.” Shaffer added that he’s seeing a large number of customers choosing to re-platform after failed initiatives based on eCommerce solutions lacking core B2B capabilities.

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Insite primarily targets customers within the manufacturing and distribution industries. These companies have often been slow to realize ROI from eCommerce initiatives due to several factors including the complexity of B2B processes and roles, the need for deep integration with back-end systems, and a lack of appropriate measurement standards. As a result of their commerce investment, Insite customers report increased revenue, increased user satisfaction, and reduced cost to serve. Buyers Products, a leading manufacturer in the truck equipment industry, realized a 10% increase in online revenue within 60 days after its launch of InsiteCommerce.

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Karie Daudt

“Built for B2B, InsiteCommerce provides an unmatched depth and breadth of native capabilities out of the box to handle the complexity B2B companies face,” said Karie Daudt, Vice President of Customer Experience and Marketing for Insite Software. “This gives our customers the ability to experience a true business transformation while powering their digital commerce strategies with a minimum of expensive customizations.”

To fuel the expansion of its business due to the new Cloud offering, Insite’s Board of Directors recently approved a $1.5M investment as a follow-on to its previous Series A round in 2016. The additional funding will provide additional working capital as Insite continues to expand its engineering as well as sales and marketing investments.

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