Zilliant Named in Gartner’s Market Guide for B2B Price Optimization and Management Software

Zilliant, a company helping B2B enterprises turn data into actionable intelligence to accelerate profitable growth, announced that the company has been listed in the “Market Guide for B2B Price Optimization and Management Software,” published by Gartner on March 15, 2018.

According to the report, “Gartner estimates that about 750 companies had deployed PO&M software at the end of 2017. This is an increase of 37 percent from 2016.” In terms of market direction, the report states, “Gartner expects this market to continue to grow rapidly during the next three years, driven by several key factors.”

Greg Peters
Greg Peters

“For more than a decade, price optimization has been embraced by innovative B2B company leaders,” said Zilliant CEO Greg Peters, adding, “The technology is quickly gaining momentum as an important tool for companies to deliver substantial business benefits which, we feel, is substantiated in this report.”

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In terms of market recommendations, the report states, “PO&M software has been observed to deliver a rapid return on investment when well implemented and enthusiastically adopted.”

Zilliant helps B2B enterprises turn data into actionable intelligence that accelerates profitable growth. The Zilliant IQ Platform uses AI to deliver actionable, real-time sales and pricing intelligence for traditional and digital channels, so you can maximize the immediate value of every transaction – and the lifetime value of every customer.

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Zilliant recently announced results of its Global B2B Benchmark Report, which was created by applying AI and machine learning to 1 billion rows of B2B transactional data. The report reveals where manufacturing, distribution and service companies are failing to capture hidden pockets of revenue and profit that exist in their businesses today.

The sample data analyzed includes 3.5 million products, 3.7 million buyers, 12 currencies and $53.2 billion in revenue. Traditional business intelligence and analytics simply cannot compute at this scale. For B2B leaders, this makes identifying pockets of leakage highly improbable and operationalizing the capture of leakage impossible. This analysis reveals that all manufacturing, distribution and service companies consistently fail to capture 12% – 36% of the revenue and profit available to them.

AI allows us to accurately pinpoint leakage at the company level and provides actionable guidance on how to capture that revenue and profit. At the global level, the manufacturing, distribution and service industries represent a roughly $22 trillion market. For these industries, the report reveals that a consistent $2.6 – $7.9 trillion goes uncaptured globally per year. At the company level, a $1 billion company experiences revenue leakage of $120 – $360 million per year.

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