Integrated Marketing Provider OneIMS is Now Offering Strategy as a Service for B2B Brands Looking to Scale

OneIMS has announced it will now offer strategy as a service for B2B brands.

Using a systematic and proven methodology, OneIMS provides comprehensive marketing solutions to businesses in all industries by implementing key integrated marketing strategies and delivering measurable results.

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Finding a marketing agency to partner with is a significant challenge for many companies due to industry specialization, budgets, and trust. Many businesses pay top dollar for services and don’t see the ROI.

OneIMS has taken a different approach, helping businesses engineer digital marketing strategies that capture leads and engage them all the way through the sales funnel. Instead of focusing on the low-hanging fruit and quick fixes, OneIMS provides long term strategies and results-driven initiatives and campaigns.

Why Partner with OneIMS?

OneIMS employs a systematic process called the 5D process:

  1. Discover Challenges: We understand your existing business challenges and the market landscape.
  2. Define Goals: We pinpoint your top marketing objectives and set specific, measurable goals.
  3. Develop Strategy: We create a custom strategy to reach those goals within your budget.
  4. Deploy Campaign: We execute our plan to deliver the desired results.
  5. Deliver Results: We track performance and optimize continuously to maximize ROI.

This 5D process is crucial to growth marketing. “We believe there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. We integrate ourselves into the client’s business and develop a strategy that aligns with their business goals and marketing objectives. But we have a proven process that we use to get to the end product, that is our 5 D Process. It’s battle-tested,” says Samuel Thimothy, Co-founder of OneIMS.

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How OneIMS Is Helping Businesses Across the Country

OneIMS provides companies with continuous support in developing and implementing key integrated marketing strategies in order to keep companies ahead of their competition.

Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, digital marketing has been more important than ever. Financial difficulties, shelter in place orders, and uncertainty surrounding the future have caused a number of businesses across the country to shut down.

Now, thanks to OneIMS’ strategy services, businesses have a trusted and experienced partner to help achieve business objectives and remain profitable and operational during this unprecedented time.

With more than 60 years of combined experience and a 97% customer retention rate, OneIMS’ certified digital marketing team has developed strategies for over 500 clients across the United States. No matter what industry you are in, OneIMS has the knowledge and expertise to help develop strategies that will decrease your customer acquisition costs, increase your sales, and significantly boost your ROI.