Introducing Pixerr: The First Ever Platform for Easier Product Photography

Pixerr, an Innovative Online Platform, Offers Amazon and E-Commerce Sellers a Simpler Way to Automate Their Professional Product Photography Needs

Welcome to the world of professional product photography: necessary, expensive, time-consuming…and ready for an upgrade. That’s the idea behind Pixerr, a web-service that offers e-commerce sellers a simpler, easier, and more affordable way to automate their product photography needs for marketplace listings. Moving away from the industry standard of hiring an in-person studio photoshoot, online sellers from anywhere can navigate the Pixerr site to select their image needs, input product details and specify desired angles before sending over their products via mail for a seamless transaction.

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The concept behind Pixerr is as simple as their service promise: online sellers can simply upload their product details, note any specifications, and provide a quick picture from their phone or camera of the desired angles before ordering their images. After checkout, sellers ship over their product sample and receive professional-quality images as soon as 2-3 business days. With Pixerr’s quick transactions and 24/7 access, sellers can avoid the lengthy, expensive, and often complicated process of hiring — and working with — a one-on-one product photographer in their area. Even for those willing to look abroad, locating a reliable, professional-quality photographer can be difficult. Whether due to amateur photographers or communication errors, results from budget or overseas photographers are often low-quality and unsuitable for product listings.

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“Ultimately, product photography is one of the most important steps for selling online, but the high costs and inconvenience of hiring a photographer make many sellers reluctant,” says Pixerr’s CEO, adding, “Before investing in almost any part of their business, sellers need to ask themselves, ‘Am I displaying my product to make a sale-worthy impression?’ Ultimately, your customers buy products that look good, and Pixerr makes looking good easier than ever.”

And it’s not just the ease of purchase that’s upgrading the industry. Each product sent to Pixerr is photographed by industry experts, including positioning and lighting, for professional images that increase listing visibility and popularity.

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For the team of industry veterans behind Pixerr, the platform’s mission is more than snapping great photos. With a concept developed through years of experience in the market, Pixerr is launching with the belief that an automated and simplified product photography process will service online sellers and benefit the growing e-commerce market. With a smoother, more cost-effective process, Pixerr aims to open up e-commerce success for a wider scope of sellers by providing reliable services, fair pricing, and the same fast-paced results as every other aspect of the digital market.

Pixerr is a user-guided online platform, streamlining product photography services for the digital marketplace.

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