TeamSupport Unveils New Capabilities to Strengthen B2B Customer Support Software

Updates to analytics, user experience and email integration equip B2B support teams to build lasting customer relationships

TeamSupport, the industry’s top business to business (B2B) customer support software solution, announces five new capabilities that provide B2B customer support teams with the tools necessary to break down internal communication barriers. These capabilities make it easier for teams to work together, share information and access their collective knowledge to solve customer challenges. Capabilities include SLA (service level agreement) management 2.0, internal knowledge base statistics, a refreshed ticket submission process for the Customer Hub, email to activities and the ability to email ticket actions.

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In today’s world, customer support can be the difference between retaining a customer and losing a customer. For support agents, the need for a solution that can handle inquiries, establish workflows, create tasks, manage projects and assign responsibility to all stakeholders involved is vital to meeting customer expectations and maintaining positive customer relationships.

“No matter what industry you are in, it is critical to establish loyal customer relationships. Businesses are empowering and showing customer support teams the important role they play in developing these relationships,” said Robert Johnson, CEO, TeamSupport. “This is especially true in the B2B space where customer relationships are very complex. Through these new capabilities, we’re making a commitment to our customers by providing them with the tools they need to strengthen customer relationships, provide better experiences and reduce churn.”

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The five new capabilities include:

  • SLA (service level agreements) 2.0: The technology powering SLAs in TeamSupport has been re-architected as a distributed system. This means the solution now features a highly available and reliable SLA engine, cross time zone handling for global corporations, and just-in-time alerts.
  • Email to activities: Email to activities allows users to capture an email conversation within the TeamSupport platform and create an activity that the entire support team can reference without creating a ticket. This provides a new method to obtain and store customer and contact information.
  • Internal knowledge base usage statistics: For B2B support teams, knowledge base articles play a critical role in providing customers with the answers they need in a timely fashion. By tracking knowledge base usage statistics, teams gain a better understanding of which articles are the most successful for helping customers. This information also helps teams to better understand how relevant or up to date each article is as well as which team members create the most informative articles for potential incentive programs.
  • Refreshed Customer Hub Submissions: With TeamSupport’s refresh of its Customer Hub ticket submission process, information is now more actionable for all team members. This includes placing all conditional fields in their appropriate location once a form is submitted, so TeamSupport users can easily understand what information is being shared.
  • Email Ticket Actions: With this feature, TeamSupport users can define whether they would like to include action text when sending emails to their customers. This feature also meets security needs as some customers cannot receive TLS-encrypted emails. Therefore, clients can now determine who is able to receive these emails by simply turning the setting to “false” to ensure the data sent is encrypted end-to-end.

The new capabilities are available today and are actively being used by clients.

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