8vdX Launches Industry-first CRM Tool for end-to-end Start-Up Fundraising


Enables Founders to create an efficient fundraising funnel leveraging analytical insights to maximize conversion from investor leads

The industry agnostic CRM tool is free for the first fundraise for all startups; 8vdX aims to onboard over 750 start-ups by Dec 2023.

– Encrypted Individual start-up data to ensure data privacy remains sacrosanct

8vdX, an industry-first fundraising and venture debt marketplace for start-ups, announced the launch of a fundraising CRM tool for early-stage start-ups. Built to make the process of fundraising for early-stage startups more efficient and streamlined, this unique fundraising CRM tool helps maximize investor-outreach conversions for start-ups by leveraging data to create an intelligent fundraising funnel. Founded by Ravi Chachra and Vijay Lavhale, 8vdX is a W22 Y-Combinator company.

According to a study by Oxford, 90% of start-ups fail within the first five years mainly because they cannot fundraise to cover their burn rate. The key to a successful fundraise is constant follow up with interested investors – tracking investor leads by simply utilizing an asynchronous spreadsheet can be ineffective and a waste of both time and effort.

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“8vdX is empowering start-ups to fuel their growth through a start-up stack that provides valuation insights, investor matching and an end-to-end CRM tool for a frictionless fund raise for founders.”

— Ravi Chachra

Commenting on the launch, Ravi Chachra, Founder, 8vdX said, “At 8vdX, we are on a mission to empower start-ups to fuel their growth through a start-up stack that provides valuation insights, investor matching and an end-to-end CRM tool for a frictionless fund raise for founders. We built this nifty product based on our own experience as YC founders that raised venture equity leading up-to and around YC Demo Day. Higher quality leads with better chances of conversion often slip through the cracks while investors with lower conversion rates eat-up valuable founder bandwidth. Solving for this pain point, the 8vdX CRM facilitates a seamless, efficient, and data-driven solution to maximize conversion from investor leads.”

The tool provides founders a dashboard that provides a snapshot of their fundraising funnel by stage (investor lead – contacted – meeting – due diligence – term sheet – won/pass) and a raise-o-meter to show progress towards the fundraise target. With the 8vdX CRM tool, founders can upload their investor leads (including their demo day leads) and generate a quick heat map based on the historical conversion rates and the average ticket size of the investors. The CRM can then send out pre-crafted emails with meeting requests with a calendar link and presentation to the selected investors, to significantly reduce time and effort by simplifying the tedious process of fundraising.

8vdX is focused on enabling startups to fuel their growth through a startup stack which includes providing a cap table optimization tool for founders to design their fund raise, an end-to-end fundraising CRM tool with investor matching with the investors on the platform.

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