Atento Announces Appointment of Pablo Sánchez as ESG Director

– In his expanded role at Atento, Mr. Sánchez will lead the development and execution of the Company´s ESG strategy and plan, focused on further improving diversity, equity and inclusion as well as other sustainability attributes across all business areas globally

Atento S.A., one of the five largest providers worldwide and the leading company in customer relationship services and business process outsourcing (CRM / BPO) in Latin America, announced today the official appointment of Pablo Sánchez as ESG Director.

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Atento has been executing an evolving Corporate Responsibility strategy at a global level since 2007. ESG has been an integral part of Atento’s DNA, with a focus on generating meaningful impact in each of the countries where the Company operates. To reinforce and advance Atento’s current ESG strategy, plan and initiatives, Mr. Sánchez’s responsibilities were recently expanded beyond his role as Director of Marketing with his new appointment.

In his added role, Mr. Sánchez is responsible for leading the execution and development of Atento’s global ESG strategy and plan, which is aimed at improving sustainability across all business activities. Specific areas where the ESG strategy seeks to maintain or increase the Company’s positive impact are employee care, the environment, and cybersecurity / data protection, with the latter encompassing suppliers and vendors as well as clients.

In addition to leading marketing and communications at Atento for more than two years, Mr. Sánchez has a long history of working at technology and service companies such as MyTaxi, Huawei, Microsoft and Vodafone. During his tenure at these companies, Mr. Sánchez held strategic positions, including as General Director, Innovation and Business Development Director, and Marketing Director. He holds an MBA from the IE Business School in Madrid and has completed a senior management program in Digital Business at The Valley Digital Business School.

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Commenting on his new role at Atento, Mr. Sánchez said, “I’m proud that Atento has entrusted me to lead one of the Company’s strategic pillars. We always want our ESG program to have significant positive impacts in all operating areas of the company globally. Although diversity, equity and inclusion have long been strengths of Atento, we are also focused on the environment to improve our world, and I look forward to leading the company to carbon neutrality by 2030.”

Carlos López-Abadía, Atento´s Chief Executive Officer, added, “A robust ESG strategy and plan are proven to help companies determine their financial future in terms of risk and return. ESG programs have helped companies, including ours, mitigate the negative impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, accelerate operational recoveries, foster greater innovation, and reduce the risks of future crises. In this regard, Pablo will play a key role in advancing Atento’s ESG performance. His appointment as ESG Director reinforces Atento’s commitment to the environment and all stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, as well as the many communities across the world where we endeavor to have a positive impact every day. ”

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