Bpm’online Introduces a Major Update to its Low-Code BPM Platform and Leading CRM Products

bpmonlineThe software update version 7.14 features numerous enhancements designed to accelerate business growth and transformation.

Bpm’online, a global business software company leading in the space of low-code, process automation and CRM, announced the release of the latest version of its intelligent platform. Bpm’online 7.14 is tailored to make enterprises more efficient in building, optimizing, and maintaining business transformation processes.

Key features in this update include more robust customization options, improved data processing and management, optimizations to further improve the user interaction with the software, and much more.

“At bpm’online we believe you can’t build lasting customer relationships without powerful business processes and coherent strategy in place. Striving to deliver immense value to our customers, we launched the update that remarkably enriches their experience with our software,” stated Katherine Kostereva, CEO and Managing Partner of bpm’online. “We’ve been listening to our clients’ feedback to make enhancements that perfectly match the customers’ needs.”

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Core new features of bpm’online version 7.14 include:

New architecture and capabilities of bpm’online Self-service Portal

The architecture of the Portal has been revamped and its capabilities have been significantly extended.

Bpm’online portal is now available for all bpm’online products – studio, marketing, sales and service – in three editions:

  1. Self-service portal for companies that want to automate the processing of cases from internal and/or external users, while maintaining limited access to data.
  2. Customer portal for companies that need an affordable tool for the automation of complex processes, which involve a big number of internal and/or external users.
  3. Partner portal for companies that need to organize the processes of servicing external users involved in all stages of the sales process: dealers, customers, partners.

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New features in this release enable users to customize self-service portal according to their specific business needs. Key enhancements include:

  • Ability to customize sections and pages using standard tools of System Designer.
  • Automate the work of portal users according to business processes and cases.
  • Advanced tools for portal user management.
  • Ability to use multilevel functional and organizational roles to configure the portal user access to objects or operations.
  • Ability to create accounts in the portal and link portal users to them.
  • Enhanced tools to assign administrators to portal accounts.
  • Improved tools to send bulk invites to new portal users.

Enhanced CRM functionality

Latest CRM improvements include enhanced functionality to accelerate marketing, sales and service:

  • Extended Dynamic Content capabilities to send even more personalized emails to each segment of bulk email recipients.
  • Ability to preview email templates with Dynamic Content to fine-tune styling, formatting, and text.
  • Click map for each dynamic content block to track user activity across all segments.
  • Advanced functionality for email template configuration.
  • Ability to test pre-designed templates on the desktop and mobile devices by switching between modes.
  • Enhanced customization of content blocks: users are able to modify the content block elements, their layout, and styles.
  • Tools for tracking user activity across all segments.
  • The ‘File preview for bpm’online’ add-on to preview documents and images attached to any section record without downloading it.
  • The Zoom Meeting connector to export meetings from bpm’online to Zoom.
  • The GoToWebinar connector – to import GoToWebinar registrants/attendees into bpm’online event audience.

Robust low-code capabilities, administration and development tools

Updated low-code tools allow users to accelerate day-to-day operations, improve development speed and boost productivity:

  • Enhanced tools for system customization.
  • Capabilities for more accurate dynamic case flow configuration.
  • Revamped access rights management interface.
  • Ability to specify a list of users or roles who are allowed or not allowed to perform the transition in the stage settings.
  • Smooth processing of “Decimal” type constant parameters.
  • Storing the information about the current version in the package that contains the process schema.
  • Ability to restrict the transitioning to particular stages.
  • Support of PostgreSQL DBMS for bpm’online Customer Center and Service Enterprise products.
  • .Net Framework version support.
  • Ability to switch the system message logging subsystem to NLog.
  • Bpmcli utility that provides a command line interface for bpm’online.

Powerful data management tools

This set of features enables users to keep customer data clean and get rid of unnecessary information in the system much easier. Updated features include:

  • Ability to schedule automatic duplicate search in any bpm’online section.
  • Configuring the rules for duplicate search in any bpm’online section where global search indexing is enabled.
  • Updated duplicate search mechanism for Oracle Database and Postgre SQL apps.
  • Tools to merge any records in any system section or lookup.
  • Selecting and deleting multiple records in bpm’online lookups.
  • Enhanced tools that enable different users to create personal tags with identical names.
  • Configuring the display of the tooltip indicator for any interface element of the app.
  • Two-character data indexing for communication options and primary columns.
  • Tools to manage the limit for search results with partial match.

Updated mobile app to drive better cross-platform UX

Enhanced mobile app allows users to boost their efficiency on the go. Key improvements include:

  • Ability to work with dynamic, static and favorite folders configured in the main application.
  • Ability to combine folder filters and standard mobile application filtering.
  • Ability to cancel server requests from mobile devices in the online mode.
  • Enhanced performance and page load time.
  • Spanish localization of the mobile application.


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