dotCMS Hires Robert Slaughter As New Chief Marketing Officer

dotCMS Appoints, Robert Slaughter to Lead Marketing Department as Chief Marketing Officer

dotCMS, a leading-edge, open source, Java CMS and Customer Experience Management software company, announced that Robert Slaughter has joined the company as Chief Marketing Officer, effective immediately. Slaughter will report to Ralph Miller, Chief Executive Officer, and become one of the senior executives within the company.

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DotCMS Hires Robert Slaughter As New Chief Marketing Officer
Ralph Miller

“Since we sell a mar-tech product, we need to ‘walk the talk,’ and that means we had to bring someone onboard with the skill set that only a few people have today. Someone who combines the knowledge of the space, digital strategy, demand generation knowledge and is very technical. He has to understand our product, use our product and evangelize about the product. We are really glad to have found the perfect person for this role,” said Ralph Miller, CEO of dotCMS.

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Slaughter was most recently Principal at Ripple Effect Advisors, a B2B Marketing and Sales Acceleration Firm based in Washington, D.C. where he led the global marketing initiatives of several high-growth, technology firms.

DotCMS Hires Robert Slaughter As New Chief Marketing Officer
Robert Slaughter

“Having a previous professional relationship with Ralph, I am keenly aware of his business acumen and ability to grow and scale companies. And then once I dug into the product and viewed the executive team’s commercial roadmap, I was convinced dotCMS was 100% committed to customer success. That type of mindshare in the B2B world is hard to find, and I couldn’t be more excited or optimistic,” said Robert Slaughter.

dotCM, the leading, open source content and customer experience management platform for companies that want innovation and performance driving their websites and other content-driven applications. Extensible and massively scalable, both small and large organizations can rapidly deliver personalized and engaging content across browsers, mobile devices, channels, second screens, and endpoints — all from a single system.

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