Dreamforce Update: Optimizely for Salesforce Data and Attribution Application Arrives

For a very long time, CMOs had to rely on disparate Marketing Attribution and Optimization techniques to understand how various online activities impact your offline conversion metrics. But, things are changing very quickly with maturity of the CRMs and Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). CMOs can expect better MarTech tools to manage their Salesforce data by the time Dreamforce 2019 concludes tomorrow. One of the many CMO-friendly updates is Optimizely’s latest Product launch on the AppExchange. It’s called the Optimizely for Salesforce Data and Attribution application. The new Optimizely for Salesforce Data and Attribution application will extend the reach of experimentation as a process and business strategy best practice to joint Salesforce and Optimizely customers.

In their official blog, Optimizely’s Senior Director of Product Management, Byron Jones, explained the need to ‘optimize’ every possible Marketing tool and process for better productivity and experience delivered in real time to customers. Through the new Salesforce data application, customers would be able to connect not just digital and in-apps data but also offline customer data and experience.

Byron states –

This integration with Salesforce provides a cutting-edge solution to provide seamless, relevant customer experiences.

For years it has been said, “Data is the new oil,” and while that may be true, you still need a way to capture, view, and make all that data actionable. With 19% of CMOs citing unified data as their biggest challenge and some larger brands investing in over 500 software systems, companies are faced with the challenge of how to make their data useful and actionable throughout the entire business. If data remains siloed, it makes it increasingly difficult to integrate data across different platforms, create a holistic view of the customer journey or engagement, and use their data to inform customer experience and business growth strategies. 

In its current product roadmap for optimized experiences, Optimizely mentions about their effort “to further bring experimentation to companies who invest in the customer experience.”

Now Work in Better Optimized and Structured Salesforce Data Workflows

Optimizely for Salesforce connects data between Salesforce and Optimizely and removes friction for users through additional reporting capabilities and simpler access to data where they work in the Salesforce platform.

The efforts are not limited to work with Salesforce data and AppExchange alone. The collaboration and experimentation closely involve many customers who have been pulling the company towards more tightly-integrate Marketing Technology offerings.

It will also streamline workflows to make teams more efficient. Marketing teams can now use Salesforce data to accurately track and maximize leads, in addition, to accurately measure the quality of leads they mine online and offline. The new app will enable measurements of down-funnel metrics in Optimizely experiments.

Optimizely is bringing the experimentation data into Salesforce as native data objects, making the data an integrated part of the rest of Salesforce processes and reporting. We’re excited to see what additional ways our customers will come up with using the data to connect to other Salesforce clouds and provide next-level customer experiences.

Optimizely’s Byron Jones will demonstrate at Dreamforce from 12:30-12:50 p.m. PT during his session titled, “Connecting Online and Offline Experiences with the Optimizely for Salesforce App.”

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