Element451 Relieves Pandemic-Battered Colleges and Universities with Release of Pre-Built Content, Designs, and Automations Now Available in Its CRM

The edtech startup introduces Packs, a free product folded into Element451, its powerful customer relationship management software

Colleges and universities beleaguered by the pandemic can now find relief in Packs from higher education software creators Element451.

Even before the global health crisis, higher education faced formidable challenges. The pool of college-bound students has been shrinking and costs have been rising. The pandemic brought added stressors, mainly reductions in tuition-paying students. Indeed, McKinsey & Co. warned of a drop in enrollment by as much as 15 percent.

Schools are responding by slashing budgets and implementing hiring freezes. These dramatic changes hit overnight. Like so many, admissions teams are under increased pressure to do more with less.

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“We wanted to offer support in the best way we knew how,” says Ardis Kadiu, Element451 CEO, “and that was through technology.”

“We built Packs to improve productivity. Schools simply install a Pack and it generates a weeks-long email and text campaign for recruiting students. The content is pre-written and the pre-designed emails dynamically pull in the school’s logo, colors, and other visual branding. Even facts like student-to-faculty ratio are auto inserted to personalize messages to individual schools. This saves enrollment marketers and managers a huge amount of time, money, and effort.”

Requiring no code to learn, Packs eliminates lengthy collaborations with writers, designers, and IT departments. They also make it possible to cut or eliminate costs involved in hiring external agencies. Veteran copywriters and designers specializing in higher ed marketing crafted the fully customizable content. With built-in marketing automation, every Pack message is set to send at an optimal time. They also include advanced personalization, which, according to CITE Research & Dassault Systèmes, Gen Z now expects.

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There are Packs for the full scope of what college enrollment teams are tasked with. One, for example, helps with student search marketing by giving schools a multichannel campaign that covers topics prospective students are interested in, like majors and financial aid. Recipients are encouraged to apply via a conversational tone and layout that looks more like the sites and apps students are used to than a traditional text-heavy email.

Packs come free of charge with the Element451 CRM and have already caused excitement among the company’s customers.

Schools of all sizes, including New York University, Villa Maria College, and Southeast Missouri State University, use it for their enrollment marketing.

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