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HubSpot Reveals New Slack Integration for a Deeper Product Connection

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New HubSpot-Built Integration Connects Two Platforms—HubSpot and Slack

HubSpot, is a leading CRM, marketing sales, and customer service platform. It announced the launch of a new Slack Integration, which turns Slack conversations into CRM tasks. The notifications to Slack are triggered due to activities in HubSpot, it also enables slash commands to search and post-contact records from HubSpot—all these activities enable HubSpot customers to work where they want to work.

Sales is always about building relationships, but at times it can be difficult to form those stable relationships when a representative has to battle with time while performing menial tasks. In relation, a recent report from HubSpot Research has found reps spend up to a quarter of the day on small tasks like data entry and writing emails. Software should be created in a way that menial tasks such as these are taken care of, instead of maximizing the time spent. HubSpot here aims to do just that.

Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot said, “At HubSpot, we strive to put ease of use first when building new products. Sometimes, tools that were built to promote productivity can actually end up taking up more time as you add more and more to your stack. With this new integration, we’re combatting the frankenstack and ensuring that reps are able to reap the full benefits of both Slack and HubSpot.”

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What exactly is Slack?

Slack is a cloud-based set of team collaboration tools and services. Slack was launched in 2013 and has since grown rapidly. It has become an indispensable tool for salespeople and is even used for small businesses. Slack brings the real-time communication style to busy sales folks who spend their entire day on Slack and HubSpot CRM.


HubSpot decided to build the new Sales Integration for sales professionals who can use both HubSpot CRM and Slack for an increase in productivity. The benefit of losing precious time between switching platforms and tools to log tasks or look upon contact information would be completely eradicated. With this integration, the sales rep can now create tasks and associate it directly with a contact, company or deal in HubSpot—directly within Slack.

This integration is only the first step of which will be a strong relationship between HubSpot and Slack. Coming June, Slack will be involved in numerous launches of HubSpot’s Conversations—which will be a universal inbox that helps teams connect with customers and prospects on a large scale.

HubSpot’s Slack Integrations is now available to all HubSpot users in the HubSpot Integrations Directory.

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