Pipeliner Launches Automation Add-on Suite

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Pipeliner announced the release of version 1 of its Automation Add-on Suite.

This is a collection of add-ons that automate discrete tasks allowing users to focus on your more high-value & revenue-generating activities. Version 1 consists of 8 Add-ons and more will be added in the coming weeks and months.

The first batch of Automation Add-ons include:

  • Domain Extractor
  • Capitalizer
  • Lead Creator
  • Task Creator
  • Owner Tracker
  • Email Automator
  • Phone Number Formator
  • Owner Updater

For example, Domain Extractor can automatically fill-in the company URL by extracting the domain from the email address, while Phone Number Formator automatically formats the phone number to the correct international format.

The Automation Add-ons suite is part of Pipeliner’s commitment to automating as many tasks as possible to make Pipeliner CRM usage by sales professionals as easy as possible and a totally different experience compared with cumbersome traditional CRM.

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“The release of the Automation Add-on Suite is another example of our total dedication to making the life of sales professionals as efficient and focused as possible. There is nothing more frustrating than having to waste time manually executing random tasks such as correcting the formatting of a phone number. Our Add-ons Suite will continually eliminate as many of these types of tasks as possible,” said Nikolaus Kimla “In the coming months we will create more and more of these Automation Add-ons and indeed will open this up to our customers to request future Add-ons as well.”

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The Automation Add-ons Suite is part of Pipeliner CRM’s broader automation and integration strategy that is revolutionizing the speed and ease of integrating other systems with Pipeliner CRM.

Pipeliner – The Better CRM built by salespeople and used by salespeople.

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