ReadyCloud Welcomes Square as the Latest Addition to its Ecommerce CRM Suite

ReadyCloud, the CRM Suite built for ecommerce, now supports Square in its many forms. From Point of Sale (POS) to SquareUp stores, ReadyCloud cleanly manages the order data from multiple Square sources for the purposes of CRM, growth marketing, shipping and returns. It is a complete backend solution for Square merchants.

“Our integration works with Square to go beyond the transaction,” explains Michael Lazar, an Executive at ReadyCloud. “A merchant can run their entire business with a SquareUp store and ReadyCloud. We help retailers improve the consumer experience to turn a one-time transaction into repeat business.”

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The new Square integration for ReadyCloud is designed to interact like an independent sales channel. When a transaction includes product and even discount information, it can be put to use unlike any other transaction source:

  • See the order flow from multiple Square accounts.
  • Add robust order filtering based on account, product, consumer, geography and more.
  • Instantly create customer profiles that grow with every transaction.
  • Introduces a complete backend solution for product fulfillment and returns.
  • Create scheduled follow-ups via email or SMS for growth marketing.
  • Assign a transaction to an individual or team task.
  • A FREE and fully integrated Square-powered POS interface.

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ReadyCloud builds on Square’s backend tools for product, inventory, attributes and discounts for use in a point of sale interface that is included as part of the integration. Look-up customers, scan items, apply discounts and run new transactions that will be instantly added as a new order and contact entry in ReadyCloud.

“We don’t talk enough about ReadyCloud’s Square-powered POS,” comments Lazar. “It has so many uses—whether you are behind a desk, out in the field or at an event—every transaction that passes through Square lands in ReadyCloud CRM for reference and advanced filtering. Maybe you have multiple Square accounts at multiple events or locations, those orders are instantly added and are filterable, too.”

ReadyCloud is available today starting at only $24/month. It includes integrations to popular shopping carts and marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, eBay, Magento 1 and 2, WooCommerce, SquareUp and others. The Square integration is included at no additional cost.

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