Dynata Releases 2020 Global Trends Report, Highlighting Changing Consumer Attitudes on Climate Change, Technology Adoption, Privacy and Trust and Other Trends

Second Annual Look at Consumer Sentiment and Opinion Offers Deeper Dive Into the Global Trends That Drive Attitudes and Behaviors

Dynata, the world’s largest first-party data and insights platform, announced its 2020 Global Trends Report, a global study of the opinions, attitudes and behaviors of people driving the cultural, social, economic, and technological trends that impact our daily lives, including climate change, technology adoption, and privacy and trust. Now in its second annual edition, the 2020 Global Trends Report explores these factors and how they impact an individual’s desire to engage with brands and make buying decisions. With this information, researchers, marketers and brands have a blueprint to better understand these trends and use these insights to launch advertising campaigns, bring new products to market, and reach specific audiences with tailored messages and offers.

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Researchers often focus on gathering facts – who, what, when, where, how many – as a way of uncovering insights. The 2020 Dynata Global Trends Report adds context, revealing the underlying attitudes and opinions that bring research data and insights to life, helping brands and agencies focus on key takeaways and make decisions through the lens of trends. This year, the Global Trends Report introduces new topics, such as the gig economy, blockchain and the attention economy, that reveal evidence of changes in consumer attitudes and behaviors and contextualize larger societal trends, including:

  • Technology Trends – what’s driving the need to develop new products and strategies to address the rise of voice-activated assistants and the growth of the Internet of Things;
  • Consumer Sentiment – exploring issues such as climate change, where the hardening of attitudes by believers and non-believers highlights the importance of reality-checking assumptions;
  • Trust – greater awareness of data privacy is driving consumers to act against untrustworthy corporations using buying power, making it important for brands to allay these concerns or risk losing business;
  • Media – changes in media consumption, such as Millennials and Gen Z consuming over half their TV and radio through streaming or on-demand, mean marketers must adapt strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

“With decades of experience fielding over a billion surveys to over a hundred million members, we know that broader trends in society, the economy, technology and media consumption play a role in almost every decision consumers make,” said Jackie Lorch, vice president of Global Knowledge Management at Dynata. “Whether choosing where to live, how to spend their work and leisure time, what purchases they make or how they consume information, any decision a consumer makes to engage or identify with a product or brand is influenced by these underlying factors. Our 2020 Global Trends Report delivers new perspectives on key topics to help brands and market researchers better understand these factors and reach consumers.”

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“Leveraging our global scale, relationships with both consumers and brands, and the industry’s largest fully-permissioned first-party data set, the Global Trends Report delivers comprehensive insight into how consumers engage with today’s world,” said Gary S. Laben, CEO, Dynata. “It also helps identify potential opportunities and stumbling blocks for brands, market researchers and others aiming to reach these consumers. Looking across the key trends, it’s more apparent than ever that connection, on a human level and with the issues people care about most, is the path to forging valuable customer relationships and more effective dialogue with consumers, globally.”

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