Salesforce Grants Equity Awards to Slack Employees Under Its Inducement Equity Incentive Plan

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, announced it has granted equity awards under its 2014 Inducement Equity Incentive Plan (the “Plan”) to three new employees who joined Salesforce in connection with the acquisition of Slack. The Plan was adopted by the Salesforce Board of Directors in July 2014, in accordance with New York Stock Exchange Rule 303A.08.

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Together, Salesforce and Slack will deliver the Slack-first Customer 360 that gives companies a single source of truth for their business, and a single platform for connecting employees, customers, and partners with each other and the apps they use every day, all within their existing workflows.

Through the Plan, Slack employees will receive various equity awards as provided below. Under the Plan, we granted each of Callum Henderson-Begg, Co-founder and CTO, Tamar Yehoshua, CPO, and Robert Frati, Chief of Sales & Customer Success, 38,196 stock options and 10,313 restricted stock units (“RSUs”). Frati’s RSU grants will vest 25 percent on the first anniversary of the grant date and quarterly thereafter and options will vest 25 percent of the first anniversary of the grant date and monthly thereafter, subject to his continued service through each applicable vesting date. Yehoshua and Henderson-Begg’s RSUs and options will vest 50 percent on the third anniversary of the grant date and 50 percent on the fourth anniversary of the grant date, subject to his or her continued service through each applicable vesting date.

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