Salesmsg Releases Breakthrough “CRM Texting”

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Salesmsg, a provider of the popular two-way business text messaging platform for sales, marketing, and support professionals, announced the release of new features that eliminate the need to import contacts from CRM’s into the Salesmsg platform, as well as manage contact record field changes in multiple systems.

This new feature increases the speed to value for customers by decreasing the time and required to integrate and import contacts.

“No one ever said, ‘I love importing contacts.’ Managing spreadsheets is a pain,” said Chris Brisson, Founder, and CEO of Salesmsg. “So this new feature removed our customer’s data admin job and gives them more time to focus on sales, marketing, and support.”

How Salesmsg’s “CRM Texting” Features (Available Through The Web App, iOS, Android, and Chrome) Works

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Contact Search Syncing

Search for a contact in Salesmsg and this new feature searches for a match in the integrated CRM. If a match is found, it links the contact record with Salesmsg’s record. If no match is found, it creates a contact and links the record in both systems.

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Message Syncing

Send a text or MMS from inside the integrated CRM or Salesmsg and this new feature syncs this and all future messages with the contact’s conversation history, in both places. All messages from all contacts are visible in both platforms.

Contact Field Syncing

When a name, telephone, or email address of a contact record is changed, this new feature syncs the changes in all platforms, regardless of which system it was initially made in.

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