SMBs Win Big with All-New Act! Premium Plus

Swiftpage’s Act! Premium plus Offers Subscribers the Tools They Need to Quickly and Easily Adapt CRM to Meet Their Unique Needs

Swiftpage, the provider of Act! CRM software, a leading cloud-enabled platform aimed at helping small and mid-sized businesses grow, announced the availability of Act! Premium Plus, the newest addition to the Act! portfolio, and the release of the latest version of its Premium Platform, version 20.1, in North America, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

The Act! Premium Plus solution offers SMBs an unmatched ability to tailor their CRM to meet the unique needs of their business, market, and industry. This is achieved through the all-new Custom Tables Manager and Industry Templates features, which allow companies to bring complex data sets, unique business processes, and specialized industry practices together in Act! to better manage their business.

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H. John Oechsle

“We are so excited to introduce the all-new Act! Premium Plus to round out the Act! portfolio. As small and mid-sized businesses increasingly need to capture more detailed, sophisticated customer data, today’s CRM solutions are limited by an inability to fit complex data sets into their rigid tools. Act! Premium Plus unlocks the full potential of their CRM, allowing users to input and reference much more detailed customer data, resulting in a flexible CRM experience that meets the needs of their specific business and industry,” said H. John Oechsle, CEO, Swiftpage.

Swiftpage also announced the release of the latest version of its cloud-enabled CRM platform, including a next-generation Microsoft Outlook integration that supports Office 365 and Exchange for additional convenience, flexibility, access options, and control. Swiftpage continues to extend the capabilities of the purpose-built applications attached to the Premium Platform, in particular, new versions of Act! Insight and Act! Companion. The Act! Insight feature set is enhanced to provide the user with additional capabilities to extract and analyze data across the business, making it easier to measure business and team performance. Act! Companion, Act’s customized mobile experience, was extended to the field sales user, to provide the ability to manage their sales pipeline from anywhere.

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Swiftpage also launched a new Ultimate support plan option. Time is arguably a small business’s most precious resource and the Act! Ultimate support plan gives customers priority access to phone support with knowledgeable North American-based advisors, as well as a new technical support mobile app, enhanced a digital self-service experience, and much more.

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