Zaius Segment Builder 2.0 Adds Flexible Customer Segmentation with a Simple CRM Interface

Zaius Introduced the New CRM Capabilities Help Marketers Drive More Revenues with Repeat Purchases Across Channels

Leading B2C CRM maker, Zaius announced advanced customer segmentation functionality to drive more interaction-based revenue across channels. Zaius Segment Builder 2.0 carries new segmentation capabilities for creating relevant customized segments for advanced analytics and better audience targeting. A cutting-edge CRM technology, Segment Builder 2.0 showcases the fine balance of simplicity and powerful features. This provides marketers with everything they need to create and understand every customer segment with microscopic detail. The end result – the marketing teams are better positioned to deliver personalized campaigns across channels and drive repeat purchases.

Things Marketers Can Do with Zaius Segment Builder 2.0

Marketers get a unified view of e-commerce and point-of-sale data, as well as data pulled from websites, mobile apps, ad platforms, satisfaction ratings and customer service support tickets. The result is a dynamic customer profile that is continuously and automatically updated, enabling more personalized, effective campaigns.

Using a straightforward user interface, marketers can leverage Segment Builder 2.0 to:

  • Segment on multiple sequential customer actions or behaviors, such as customers who abandon their carts and also have open support tickets
  • Target a single campaign to multiple segments, rather than creating campaign-specific segments
  • Understand the composition and size of segments in real time as they create them, including active and inactive subscribers and reachable audience per channel
  • Leverage reporting and analytics based on these advanced segments, letting brands compare insights across granular customer groups

Why Zaius CRM Introduced the Segment Builder 2.0?

Historically, bad data has ruined even the best of marketing campaigns. Marketers continue to be plagued by data that lacks credible information. On top of it, marketing teams, especially B2C ones have to rely on multi-level, siloed systems to segment granular details for advanced analytics. Over-dependence on IT support leads to further delay, turning high-value data into stale, inaccurate data. Complicated workflows and inaccurate data directly hamper marketing interfaces, resulting in a resource-intensive process that gets harder to manage over a course of time.

Zaius brings in Segment Builder 2.0 to solve all the above challenges with a single platform. Segment Builder 2.0 delivers powerful segmentation within a simple user interface. This capability is critical for building customer loyalty in competitive B2C markets, where repeat purchases are core drivers of revenue growth for brands.

Segment Builder 2.0 empowers marketers to create segments based on the most comprehensive data set, ingesting data from any system in their marketing stack.

At the time of this announcement, Eric Keating, Vice President of Marketing, Zaius, said, “Data has changed the role of marketing, and marketers are now on the frontline when it comes to using data to generate actionable insights and make smarter business decisions. Our mission is to empower marketers to more easily and accurately connect with customers through data-driven campaigns, and our new segmentation enhancements advance that effort.”

Zaius’ B2C CRM Eliminates That Gap by Bringing Customer Data and Campaign Execution Together

B2C marketers today are constrained by the gap that exists between data and marketing systems. Zaius’ B2C CRM eliminates that gap by bringing customer data and campaign execution together in a single platform, empowering marketers to engineer the repeat purchase.

With complete control of customer data for segmentation and analysis, marketers can better understand why and how their customers shop. Using data to power personalized campaigns across channels, Zaius enables marketers to execute any campaign they can dream of to increase repeat purchases and drive higher customer lifetime value. Zaius is backed by Insight Venture Partners, Matrix Partners, Underscore VC, and Leaders Fund.

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