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Zaius Omnichannel Campaign Manager Unveiled for B2C Marketing

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New Capabilities on Zaius B2C CRM Simplify Multi-Touch, Omnichannel Marketing Using a Customer-First Approach

Leading CRM maker for the B2C market, Zaius, has announced Omnichannel Campaign Manager for their customers. Zaius Omnichannel Campaign Manager is a new feature that lets marketers easily create, execute and measure multi-touchpoint campaigns across channels and devices in one simple campaign view.

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Last month, we interviewed Zaius CEO, Mark Gally, about the company’s roadmap post-funding. Mark had said that Zaius will use the investment to further develop their partner and developer ecosystem, as well as expand their B2C Marketing platform’s overall functionality.

Spencer Pingry
Spencer Pingry, CTO, Zaius

Spencer Pingry, Chief Technology Officer at Zaius, said, “As marketers take on more responsibilities to manage the entire customer lifecycle, they cannot afford to leave customer data sitting in departmental silos with no ability to act quickly or with the purpose to give customers the best possible brand or shopping experience. Zaius gives them a complete view of their customers, and our campaign functionality builds upon this to empower marketers to increase performance and ROI on all of their multi-channel campaigns.”

Zaius B2C CRM Brings Streamlined Management of Multi-Touchpoint Campaigns

With its latest launch, Zaius is eliminating complex workflow diagrams and flowcharts normally associated with marketing automation tools. This would allow streamlining of the management of multi-touchpoint campaigns to help marketers understand the conversion and revenue impact of each touchpoint and put the customer first rather than the channel.

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According to the latest Chief Martech marketing technology landscape, there are more than 6800 tools available to marketers today, creating a perfect storm of complexity, inefficiencies and technology integration headaches. In addition, the vast amount of customer touchpoints and data available to marketers results in fragmented and unrelatable experiences that translate into lower customer lifetime value.

Regardless of how data-driven an organization is, if marketers cannot access and use a complete view of a customer’s preferences and company interactions, they have no choice but to build marketing campaigns based on hypothetical if/when scenarios or infinite decision trees based on best guesses.

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The Zaius B2C CRM turns the industry norm on its head by reducing the complexity common in marketing workflow diagrams. Omnichannel Campaign Manager lets marketers seamlessly coordinate personalized campaigns that engage customers at the right moment in the right way, regardless of the device or channel.

Whether delivering a series of welcome messages, reducing shopping cart abandonment or creating new mobile push content, Zaius lets marketers tailor omnichannel campaigns using a mix of customer data and machine learning capabilities that can be optimized in real time. As a result, Zaius customers are executing highly optimized campaigns through better personalization, as well as expanded reach across email, mobile, desktop, social media and search marketing channels.

At the time of this announcement, said Kate Kiley, Marketing Manager, Drool Baby Expo & Magic Beans, said, “Most marketing automation tools require marketers to build complicated flow charts with multiple dashboards for content editing and analysis of campaign metrics, making it difficult to easily and quickly understand the performance of multi-touch campaigns.”

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Kate added, “Zaius makes it simple to design a cross-channel campaign series that I can both manage and measure in the same structure.”

Zaius was built to empower B2C marketers by giving them ownership of unified customer data from across channels and devices, and pairing that with the ability to create personalized, omnichannel campaigns—all in a single platform. For Zaius customers, the result is stronger customer loyalty, repeat purchases, and brand engagement.

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