Revolutionizing B2C CRM: The Power of Relevant Personalization in B2C Martech

CEO Mark Gally Says Zaius Is Poised to Revolutionize B2C Marketing

In 2018, B2B versus B2C marketing technologies still matter. The latest funding round should prove this. Earlier, this month, B2C CRM maker, Zaius scooped $30 Million in Series B funding to further develop its B2C marketing tech offering. Vendors in both the B2B and B2C CRM markets are leveraging customer data to not just improve their products, but also create effective marketing campaigns.

Zaius is planning to capitalize on their latest funding round and a lot of it has to do with their recent performance that helped them acquire new customers. How do we know? Well, we had a long candid chat with the pilot of this funding round, CEO Mark Gally.

Mark Gally
Mark Gally

Zaius Delivers B2C CRM Solution Central to Every Marketing Need

Performance Influenced This Funding Round

Mark said, “Our founder and CTO knew there was a big need when he founded the company. Without a system of record, Business to Consumer (B2C) marketers can’t identify the key behaviors of an individual customer or customer base overall. So they can’t effectively market to an individual or even identify what a loyal customer looks like.”

We’re providing the solution every business to consumer marketer needs. This is what has propelled our business and led to our current success.

Mark added, “By building an application that puts customer data at the center while also solving the entire marketer workflow – from opportunity discovery to lifecycle management to content and campaign creation – we’re providing the solution every business to consumer marketer needs. This is what has propelled our business and led to our current success.”

Zaius Is Poised to Revolutionize B2C Marketing

Zaius will use the investment to further develop their partner and developer ecosystem, as well as expand their B2C Marketing platform’s overall functionality.

Mark said, “We’ve always prided ourselves on being a company that exceeds customers’ expectations, and we can now devote even more resources to this mission. We’re confident that by combining the best product on the market with exceptional customer service, Zaius is poised to revolutionize B2C marketing.”

Difference Between Selling to B2B and B2C Martech Customers 

Focus on B2C Marketing

Zaius is focused on solving problems unique to B2C businesses. CRM platforms are ubiquitous in the B2B world, but far more challenging in the B2C category.

Mark told us that CRM solutions for B2C companies need to be more powerful.

Mark said, “If a B2B company is prospecting or servicing hundreds or thousands of companies per quarter, a B2C company might be looking at millions of customer interactions per day, week or month. Selling into a handful of multi-million-dollar accounts in a B2B environment is quite different from reaching individual consumers making quick decisions about whether to spend $50 on a pair of shoes.”

He elucidated further by saying that a B2C business needs the functionality to personalize marketing campaigns across a large customer base, targeting multiple sales per customer, and automatically resolving fractured identities across marketing channels and consumer devices.

As B2C marketers push for better ways to optimize campaigns, personalize communications and build loyalty among their customers, a B2C-specific CRM is necessary to help them reach those goals.

Ideal Customer Profiles, GDPR Preparedness, and Nimble Deployment

New Markets and Geographies Targeted 

Mark said, “We serve household names and growing brands like Scotts Miracle-Gro, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Burt’s Bees Baby, Moda Operandi, and Optoro. Our focus continues to be helping growing B2C brands better understand and communicate with their customers across the globe.”

Preparing for the Post-GDPR Era

Mark answered, “Tactically, we have been preparing for GDPR since early 2017. It is to ensure we meet all the standards and requirement. To do this, we provide a number of methods for our clients and their customers to request access to and deletion of their personal information as well as opt-out of data collection. We uniquely leverage our proprietary user resolution process to more accurately process GDPR requests.”

The Zaius CEO, “Strategically, we have been built to be first-party all the way throughout our system and provide people access to their data at the lowest level since day one.”

New Technologies to Make B2C CRM Nimbler and Readily Deployable

Mark felt that the two core pieces of a B2C CRM are data and execution. He said, “Our mission is to enable marketers to be more independent, efficient and creative across both. This mission drives the technology decisions we make, materializing largely in tools that empower marketers to infuse customer intelligence into their marketing.”

Mark said, “We’ll continue to invest in our existing AI capabilities to deliver “glassbox” approaches to multi-channel, and insights that highlight opportunity – answering the age-old questions of “what should I focus on now?”

Solving the Entire Marketer’s Workflow on a Single Platform

Using The Funding 

Zaius will be using this investment to further develop the partner and developer ecosystem. They would also expand the functionality of their B2C CRM platform.

Mark concluded, “Our mission is to empower B2C marketers to be independent, efficient, and creative – and most importantly, to drive more revenue. We are delivering on this by giving B2C marketers an application that solves the entire marketer’s workflow on a single platform. This includes opportunity discovery, lifecycle management, content and campaign creation. With this investment, we’re able to devote even more resources to it.”

Thank you, Mark, for chatting with us.