Zoho One and Bold New OS Services to Run an Entire Organization

Zoho One Continues to Offer Incredible Value with a Suite of Newly-added Advanced Capabilities

Zoho recently announced a major update to Zoho One, its OS that is designed to run an entire organization. Zoho takes care of all aspects of a business, be it Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations, Business Intelligence, and what not! The most recent addition to the platform, an app named Orchestly, allows customers to easily create, manage, and optimize their business processes through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Additionally, there are new platform services in telephony, single sign-on, and provisioning through Zoho Marketplace that together broaden the OS horizon for businesses.

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An Insight into Zoho One

Zoho is a modern, all-in-one, customizable, extendable, and integratable platform. Having a Sales app helps your Sales team to be productive, so is the case with Marketing, Operations, Accounting, or Support apps. But is a suite of all these apps under the same roof to make the entire workforce more productive and connected than ever before.

Zoho is built on the foundation of “When apps work together, your business runs better.” It was launched with a suite of 35 integrated business and productivity applications. In just two years, the number of applications has gone up to 45 today in addition to several built-in services like Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Messaging, Search, etc., but the pricing has remained unaltered.

Zoho reports that around 25% of customers use more than 25 apps while over 50% make use of 16 applications or more. This only goes on to advocate the effectiveness of the unified technology Operating System in shaping business processes.

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What’s New?

Orchestly – Orchestly offers a drag-and-drop interface for managers with no coding skills to define processes with minute effort to automate and run their regular workflows. They can regulate tasks like content publishing, purchase approvals, asset management, onboarding, etc. with the utmost ease.

Communication – Zoho’s telephony application, PhoneBridge, which integrates over 50 telephony vendors on one side and several applications on the other, is now available with Zoho. It enables users to make calls from Zoho apps and provides relative information on incoming calls. PhoneBridge can now be enabled for apps like Zoho CRM, Zoho Mail, and Zoho Recruit.

Single Sign-on – This feature makes it more convenient for customers to manage both Zoho and third-party applications by effortlessly integrating those third-party applications onto their Zoho account.

App Management and Provisioning – Admins can now get detailed reports related to sign-in activity, user management, app usage, account security, etc. The new Admin Panel with dashboards and reports allows admin members to monitor activities and identify underutilized resources. Also, presently permits provisioning for all the 45+ Zoho apps along with the third-party, custom, and SSO apps.

In addition to making these additions, Zoho has also made a few improvements to the platform and the applications therein. Zoho One Sign, for instance, now offers the customers with an additional level of verification. Zoho has implemented Blockchain-based timestamping through Ethereum, the globally accepted, open-source platform to make signing more secure.

Zoho also offers free Concierge service for potential customers to better understand the suite of products. Customers already have the option to receive support, but enterprise customers can now request premium support. The company is now introducing Jumpstart support service to help customers sail through their initial phases of the OS implementation.

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