Aha! Insights Technology Selects Qualtrics DesignXM for its Integrated Market Research Platform

Driven by client demand for hybrid approaches, Aha! Insights Technology has selected Qualtrics, the world’s No. 1 Experience Management (XM) provider and creator of the XM category, to augment its integrated suite of strategic qual/quant activities and tools.

This augmentation enables Aha! clients to conduct more sophisticated qual/quant hybrid studies with innovative survey methods from Qualtrics, including Conjoint and MaxDiff and the accompanying analytics, added to Aha’s comprehensive qualitative activities. Now, Aha! is able to offer more complex, in-depth consumer and B2B research studies, as well as quant-only studies, all available on one intuitive platform.

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“While we have been in the qual/quant game for many years, the addition of Qualtrics DesignXM allows clients to do quantitative only or qual/quant hybrid studies at much larger scale,” said Ray Fischer, CEO of Aha!. “This enables our clients to access the power of Qualtrics on a project basis and supercharges Aha!’s QuickSprint® qual/quant hybrid methodology, allowing for bigger, more robust studies than was possible previously on one platform. In collaboration with our clients and our providers, like Qualtrics and Zoom, we’ve created a world-class platform that goes beyond other online insights tools available in the marketplace today.”

Architected by market researchers for market researchers, Aha! offers a full suite of qualitative and quantitative tools and activities to quickly create and deploy custom consumer and B2B research studies, engage people where they live, work, shop and play, and capture rich in-the-moment emotions, actions and behaviors resulting in deeper insights both asynchronously and live.

The insights technology research platform also features Live Conversations™, the first-ever global integration of Zoom, for live focus groups and IDI’s; TruRotation®, the market research industry’s only algorithm driven multi-day rotation concept testing tool enabling 100% balanced concept exposure with absolutely no order bias; and Aha’s multi-faceted Dynamic Canvas® projective tool allows insight strategists and researchers to create an infinite number of customized visual emotion-based exercises for consumer and B2B research studies. These exercises include perceptual and brand mapping, ranking and sorting, buyer journey decision mapping/path-to-purchase, as well as free-form strategic image and text-related exercises.

Aha’s other activities and methods include: projective storytelling, leading-edge mobile video and image upload tools, home use tests, usability studies, perceptual mapping, social/community activities, quant tools, and analytic resources, among many other features.

In addition to its technology platform, the Aha! team provides a full range of market research services including study design, project management, respondent recruiting, strategic guidance, plus hands-on training and tech support.

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