Mission 2020: Stacking Your CRM, ABM, and CX Management Tools in Order

Marketing teams no longer rely on plain set of marketing and sales automation tools to build and manage their omnichannel marketing campaigns. Yet, we identified three core martech-centric functions or categories that would help any CMO generate optimum results from their martech investments. The three martech categories are Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Account-Based Marketing (ABM), and Customer Experience Management (CXM).

In the last 18 months, we have seen numerous B2B commerce partnerships and M&As in the CX economy that are pushing the envelope on martech. And today, we have an update for CRM specialists who are looking to heighten their results using CRM, ABM and CX Management tools and solutions.

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Long-standing partners Adobe and Microsoft announced a deeper partnership to advance Customer Experience Management (CXM) and Cloud Productivity for customers. While Adobe has been always at the front of the CX Economy, Microsoft remains the go-to choice for Enterprise Cloud solutions. Together, the two heavily CX-focused companies would set a new threshold in enabling organizations to deliver the best experiences, through creative, productivity and marketing/ commerce apps that help organizations drive business results.

CRM + ABM + CX Integrations

Marketing, Sales and Customer Support teams would benefit from newly-announced Microsoft + Adobe integrations.

The upgraded integrations allow Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Marketo Engage users to further improve alignment between the sales, marketing, and service teams. These teams are now equipped with a powerful set of CRM and ABM capabilities that help them to orchestrate personalized multi-channel marketing and sales campaigns and workflows.

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In a blog, Dave Welch, VP and solution leader for Microsoft at Adobe, wrote —

“Backed by real-time insights into buyer behavior, revenue teams can take a proactive approach to buyer engagements, ultimately delivering a seamless buyer experience that leads to business growth.”

Benefits to Marketing, Sales and Service Teams
  1. Closed-loop integration between Adobe Campaign Standard and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for seamless delivery of personalized messages to profiles in their CRM database.
  2. Automated tracking and follow-up notification on customer journeys.
  3. Account-based targeting and programmatic attribution extracted directly from world’s largest professional online network, LinkedIn.
  4. Targeted ABM orchestrations driven through Marketo Engage-LinkedIn.
  5. Execution of complex CRM campaigns using LinkedIn Campaign Manager.
  6. Enhanced Sales enablement achieved through LinkedIn Sponsored Content, driven in tandem with multi-touch attribution from Bizible by Marketo Engage.

In addition, Adobe Experience Manager, the world’s most powerful CXM platform, would further refine its relationship with Microsoft Azure.

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Built on Microsoft Azure and powered by the Azure Data Lake, Adobe Experience Manager will empower brands to create, display, share and track omnichannel content using Microsoft Azure for Adobe Managed Services.

Dave also informed that Magento Commerce will be available on Microsoft Azure next year. This would give “Magento merchants the ability to deploy innovations seamlessly, without the day-to-day management of their infrastructure.”

Key Automation-based Integrations with Adobe Sign

Adobe is upgrading its integration with Microsoft. Now, Adobe Sign will integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure to simplify workflow management across all digital collaboration tools offered by Microsoft.

These Adobe Sign integrations include:

Microsoft SharePoint: auto-save user data collected from forms and CTAs into SharePoint folders; the data from form fields can be mapped back to a SharePoint list.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: seamless sync between e-signature and Dynamics 365 Sales, including in new languages such as German, French, and Japanese.

Microsoft PowerApps and Power Automate: GovTech workflow management available via an audit trail to OneDrive/SharePoint.

Microsoft Teams: Send documents with an automated bot-managed tracker for e-documents sent on the Microsoft Team app. Adobe Sign is the first app to get Microsoft 365 Certification which ensures greater enterprise data privacy and security.

Microsoft Azure: EU and CCPA-complying Adobe Sign is now available in Europe, adhering to regional privacy laws when it comes to data storage, and PII data and content.

Azure AD: Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) users are enabled with a single sign-on to securely deliver Adobe Sign via the Adobe admin console.

If you are a CRM Specialist, you should read about the recent Marketo Adobe updates that we have published today!

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