Customer Experience Transformation Will Attract 23% of 1.68 Billion Dollars Invested in Digitalization in 2019

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Customer experience improvement is at the core of corporate digital investments in 2019, IDC Research Spain reports in its latest analysis “Impact of Digital Technologies in The Customer Journey” jointly drawn up with Atento. According to IDC data, 23% of 1.68 billion dollars will be invested in digitalization processes in the course of the year will focus on customer experience transformation.

Isabel Tovar, IDC Research Spain analyst, considers that “the confluence between technology and the customer journey is an increasingly vital area for brands. For instance, the development and configuration of omnichannel platforms combining conventional and digital channels allows enterprises to offer a more homogeneous and seamless customer experience generating higher value for consumers.” Isabel adds that “customer journey management and the impact of new technologies therein is crucial, as it paves the way for a clear competitive advantage for an organization.”

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Keys for achieving success in customer experience transformation

Technology-driven customer experience optimization is an imperative. According to IDC Research Spain, the impact of digital platforms on the customer experience is one of the factors that could decide the success or failure of organizations, particularly taking into account that a digital platform is not only a matter of technology but a new way of organizing business that will enable the introduction of new operational and commercial models. Additionally, organizations focused on improving customer experience are reinventing their relationship with the consumer thanks to the implementation of omnichannel platforms and the creation of highly relevant connections that increase satisfaction and loyalty.

Other technology related components enabling organizations to optimize the customer experience include secure infrastructures, real-time use of Big Data, innovation capacity, seamless and standardized experience across channels or data privacy protection.

“To be successful, enterprises should invest in platforms that integrate personalized omnichannel customer journeys endowed with the customer intelligence that will allow them to build their current and future service offerings,” Tovar adds.

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Tackling omnichannel, the new challenge facing enterprises in the digital age

According to IDC Research Spain, by the end of 2019 about 50% of retailers will have adopted an omnichannel commerce platform. The key for organizations is to utilize these omnichannel platforms to add intelligence in each and every customer interaction in order to improve experience and obtain useful knowledge for the future. Omnichannel enables the development of deeper, more immersive and trusting relationships that will drive the frequency of interactions, increasing consumption, satisfaction and bottom line profitability.

Digital Customer Experience Solutions by Atento

Atento, through its digital business unit, Atento Digital, provides tools and solutions for digital marketing, automation of front- and back-office customer related processes, a robust omnichannel platform and the use of analytics for greater efficiency and improved results in acquiring, managing and retaining customers. It also offers solutions for advancing digital transformation processes while fully leveraging existing systems. Atento Digital’s value proposition incorporates the use of cognitive technology based on Keepcon’s semantic engine and comprises a wide a range of solutions including 100% online sales, digital customer service, digital technical support, or digital debt collection. All these services are offered via Atento’s omnichannel platform combining both traditional and digital channels.

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