FayeBSG Releases Zendesk Integration with monday.com

By connecting Zendesk and monday.com through the FayeBSG Zendesk app Flare, sales, support, and project personnel can collaborate efficiently across all Zendesk CX platforms without leaving their primary software environment

Faye Business Systems Group, a leading global technology company and Master Zendesk Partner announced the availability of their integration of Zendesk with monday.com.

Connecting Zendesk and monday.com through Flare enables users of monday.com and Zendesk to synchronize data and display it in both systems, with user-actionable features presented in monday.com and across Zendesk CX platforms – not only Support.

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The monday.com features in Zendesk include:

  • Select an existing board from monday.com to assign it to a record in Zendesk
  • Show project progress by displaying board statuses and their counts from monday.com
  • Display board owner and board members from monday.com
  • Enable Zendesk users to create a board and board items in monday.com
  • Display related boards from monday.com for any given record

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The benefits of integrating Zendesk and monday.com comprise:

  • Improve efficiency by eliminating the need for employees to switch between platforms
  • Decrease license costs by providing relevant data and actions to agents in one single platform
  • Keep your Sales Team and Support Agents up to date on a project’s progress once it’s handed over to the Project Team
  • Enable Sales Representatives and Support Agents to assign tasks and share information with Project Teams

Connecting monday.com and Zendesk through Flare, Sales Representatives, Support Agents, and Project Teams can now cooperate proficiently while staying up-to-date about what’s happening in other departments.

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