Interactive Media Launches Solution to Provide Voice and Telephony Access to Chatbots

A pioneering solution transforms Bots into Omnichannel Virtual Agents

Interactive Media , a global developer of telecommunications software, Conversational AI and customer experience applications, is announcing the immediate availability of PhoneMyBot, a cloud solution to provide voice and telephony access to chatbots everywhere.

Chatbots are revolutionizing the customer experience, greeting customers on web pages, social networks and messaging channels. The best chatbots provide a first class experience as they field most questions and solve many issues quickly and gracefully in self-service mode – without human intervention.

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However, more than 50% of the interactions are voice-based, coming in from the telephone network. For the telephone channel, in many cases the customer experience is stale and outdated, relying on legacy IVR systems and touch-tone technology: press 1 for this, press 2 for that: a far cry from the parallel chatbot experience that the same company may deploy for its digital channels.

PhoneMyBot is designed to bring phone interactions to par with the digital ones, quickly and effortlessly. PhoneMyBot integrates with chatbot platforms to transform bots into omnichannel Virtual Agents, able to use the same knowledge and conversational AI engine to power all channels. When users call in, they are greeted by the voice of your bot and can have a natural conversation with it to qualify and solve their needs, just as they would on a chat channel.

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PhoneMyBot takes care of the telephony, the transcription of caller’s utterances and the rendering of the bot speech towards the caller, in any language. The conversation is piloted by the bot through its easy-to-integrate API. PhoneMyBot also connects with the contact center in the back-end to forward conversations that were not solved in self-service mode to a human agent, complete of context information.

“With PhoneMyBot, Interactive Media offers the first solution on the market providing a fast, inexpensive and effective way to add the telephone channel to chatbots everywhere,” said Livio Pugliese, CEO, Interactive Media North America. “We are excited to help organizations quickly expand self-service options to voice channels in these uncertain times, when safe and meaningful communications are paramount”.

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