MessageBird Introduces Programmable Conversations

New Omni-Channel Messaging Solution to Unify the World’s Most Popular Communications Channels through a Single API

MessageBird, the Amsterdam-based cloud communications platform company, announced Programmable Conversations, the API for unifying customer interactions across multiple channels into a single conversation thread. By consolidating a customer’s entire communication history, enterprises can create rich customer profiles and deliver the ultimate personalized customer experience. Starting today, enterprises can take advantage of Programmable Conversations to integrate WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram, SMS and Voice interactions into their communications workflows.

In recent years, an explosion of messaging and communications channels has radically increased options and reduced the cost of communicating with family and friends anywhere in the world. But, for businesses trying to communicate with their customers via these channels, the infrastructure for global business-to-customer communications is increasingly complex, expensive and inefficient. Added to this headache, is that implementing omni-channel communications comes with heavy technical lifting. Each channel requires extra developer time and resources to manage not only initial implementation, but also continued maintenance and upkeep.

Programmable Conversations enables enterprises to meet customers on the channels they already use. By adding and maintaining the connections to the world’s most popular channels, MessageBird does the heavy lifting so enterprises can focus on what matters most – delivering an experience that creates happy customers and brand loyalty.

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“Enterprises require a single holistic view of interactions emanating from a diverse array of channels as an integral aspect of an optimized digital CX strategy,” according to Courtney Munroe, GVP of WW Telecom research at IDC. “MessageBird’s Programmable Conversations is an excellent and cost-effective tool that enables enterprises to reduce the complexity of managing the B2C omni-channel customer experience process.”

Programmable Conversations enables enterprises to:

  • Provide customer-facing teams with entire conversation histories regardless of the channel on which the conversation took place.  Agents can pick up where they left off—cutting response times, streamlining workflows and creating higher customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Free up developer resources by taking away the time and pain of adding and maintaining the connection to all the channels your customers use, saving overhead and valuable developer time.
  • Move away from boxing customers in, to creating personalized customer journeys that reach consumers on the channels they prefer. All without dramatic cost increases.

“Delivering communications experiences that improve customer satisfaction and loyalty has to be a focus of businesses today,” said Robert Vis, MessageBird CEO.  “Consumers today want to connect with businesses in the same way they do with their friends and family – on their own time, via their preferred channel with all the context of previous conversations.  With Programmable Conversations enterprises can now easily build a modern communications experience while reducing the burden of their often over-tasked developers.”

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