MessageGears, the only customer marketing software company to prioritize direct access to customer data for B2C Marketers, announces a significant update to its MessageGears Segment product, which enables Marketers to use deeply segmented data in currently running campaigns. The new feature set, including FastCache and updates to their Visual Segmentation suite of tools, allows Marketers to access cloud data stores directly, group customers using a visual drag-and-drop interface and test customer segmentations in a matter of seconds, eliminating traditional barriers between Marketers and their data. FastCache and Visual Segmentation are available now to MessageGears Segment users.

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B2C Marketers segmenting tens of millions of users at a time may struggle with issues around data access and latency. For instance, some are using heavily burdened and slow relational database storage, which makes validating data painful – while at other times, the sheer volume of data being segmented adds hours of waiting time to segmentation execution. This makes the goal of generating meaningful campaigns in real time nearly impossible, as Marketers wait for data to be refreshed. Meanwhile, if a Marketer wants to make any changes to their data, recalculating can take hours – valuable time that Marketers can ill-afford to lose.

With FastCache, MessageGears Segment users can leverage the software’s native integration to the leading cloud data stores for the fastest-possible segmentation. Users can build out Blueprints, test segmentations with the provided starting population and almost immediately begin testing with cached counts. Utilizing modern file system data stores alongside massively parallel execution, segmentation processes are ten to fifteen times faster.

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MessageGears’ Visual Segmentation tool makes segmentation faster and easier still. Woven into MessageGears Segment, Visual Segmentation provides Marketers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows them to segment all available data, regardless where the data is stored. Depending on the starting population and goals for customer engagement, Visual Segmentation can reduce the time it takes for Marketers to iterate on a Blueprint by 80%.

MessageGears has always led the market in the ability to plug into a company’s customer data and allow rich, real-time audience creation for messages. This approach addresses the need B2C Marketers have to keep up with constant changes in consumer demand while at the same time propelling MessageGears Segment to the forefront of segmentation tools by investing even further in direct data access. MessageGears Segment gives users the ability to deeply segment their audiences and use those segments in their currently running campaigns. Segment is easy to use and compatible with any legacy or modern data store, including Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and Amazon Redshift.

“B2C Marketers know they need to be able to access and utilize customer data faster and more effectively than ever before to keep up with constantly changing consumer behaviors,” said Nicholas Ziech-Lopez, Senior Director of Product Marketing at MessageGears. “Our 2021 B2C Digital Marketing Trends report uncovered that Marketers’ top strategies for success in 2021 include better access to customer data and technology that integrates messaging across channels. FastCache and Visual Segmentation give customers the ability to access and segment data faster than ever.”

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