MVRK Brings Experiential Activations to Life With New 360-Degree Immersive Web Platform

The VX360 Platform Creates Custom-Built Environments That Transform the Web Into Life-Like Virtual Experiences That Also Expands Reach and Analytics Like Never Before

As brands around the world rethink customer and fan engagement, MVRK, an experiential agency focused on highly immersive brand activations, is a step ahead. Drawing from their digital expertise, MVRK is expanding opportunities to captivate audiences with the launch of its proprietary Vx360 immersive web platform.

Using Vx360, MVRK develops entirely custom brand environments that make the digital-only experience feel like a real world location through high-quality graphics and textures with 360-degree exploration and walkability a life-like event. Visitors and attendees move around the virtual environment via desktop or mobile devices, experiencing different rooms, interactions, and more.

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MVRK’s Vx360 platform is rich with crowdsourcing and user engagement opportunities  through its library of core-features that can be custom-tailored to specific needs and initiatives with:

  • Embedded interactive VOD content
  • Live stream capabilities
  • Two-way communication integration
  • Expanded analytics tracking
  • WebXR and other mixed reality applications

The opportunities for how brands and various industries can apply this new immersive experience are limitless. Extending beyond conferences to other brand types and IP, such as:

  • Take entertainment to the next level – Brands in industries like streaming services, film and publishing can elevate how people experience characters and plot lines by taking fans deeper into their favorite worlds and allowing them to visit as often as they’d like, when they’d like to. Activations for new seasons or content have expanded reach outside of traditional physical pop-ups to allow every fan to engage.
  • Give product launches unprecedented reach – Adding an immersive web component to new product launches now means more than a complementary website. Creativity for activations knows no bounds with Vx360-created environments and users receive an elevated brand experience to accompany the tangible offering.
  • Transform in-person events and conferences – With the new limitations of in-person engagements, brands can transfer compelling booth, exhibit or event experiences to the digital world where attendees can walk around an expansive space of memorable and interactive premium content from various sponsors and brand partners. The platform can also be paired with in-person events to amplify global reach.

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“This is the next generation of meaningful brand experiences; a new standard without limits. The technology is an advancement we had in the works prior to our world’s unexpected and required transition to digital and virtual experiences. It is especially relevant now, and we believe it is revolutionary to how brands thrive and interact because it allows them to offer more – more creativity, more novelty, more experiences. It creates many dynamic touch points to bring existing and potential fans further into the brand at virtual events, conferences, activations and exhibits,” said Steve Alexander, founder and Chief Experiential Officer of MVRK.

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