New Qualtrics Partner Network Helps Organizations Close Their Experience Gaps

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Global Ecosystem Supporting The Qualtrics Experience Management Platform Announced

Qualtrics, the leader in research and experience management, announced the launch of the Qualtrics Partner Network (QPN), to expand the global ecosystem of partners providing programs and solutions based on the award-winning Qualtrics Experience Management (XM) Platform. The announcement was made recently at the Qualtrics 2018 X4 Experience Management Summit in Salt Lake City.

The Qualtrics Partner Network (QPN) will expand the global ecosystem of partners providing programs and solutions based on the award-winning Qualtrics Experience Management Platform.

QPN members will gain access to the Qualtrics Experience Management Platform technology as well as technical enablement, go-to-market programs, and other partner resources to help them innovate and build value across their experience solutions and offerings.

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Experience management is a rapidly growing business imperative for today’s leading brands that need to operate at digital speed and respond to ever-rising customer expectations. This digital transformation has brands increasingly turning to the experiences they provide as a key differentiator. Until now, it’s been difficult for brands to monitor, measure and improve those experiences across their organizations. The Qualtrics Experience Management Platform is revolutionary in its innovation, helping organizations cohesively manage and progress all of their experience programs.

QPN partners expand the range of robust, scalable and tailored experience management solutions in the market. QPN partners are an extension of Qualtrics and bring in-depth industry knowledge, experience and insights. No matter how sophisticated or demanding a customer’s experience management program may be, the combination of the partner’s expertise and the Qualtrics’ platform ensures that customers will have world-class support throughout their journey.

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Founding members of the QPN include a diverse set of solution providers ranging from market research firms to customer experience market leaders to top systems integrators and software development houses, namely: Acumen Solutions, Capventis, CX Solutions, J.D. Power, Kantar TNS, Morpace, Red Pepper, SolutionStream, Ugam, and Walker Information. The reach of the Qualtrics Partner Network together with Qualtrics extends to most every market globally.

For service providers, QPN provides a market-leading platform full of innovation and growth possibilities, aiding them to expand into the fast-growing experience management market and establish deeper relationships with clients.


David Marko
David Marko

“Acumen Solutions is excited to join the QPN. It enhances our Customer and Employee Experience Management services that drive personalized interactions and engagement, increased loyalty and revenue, and decreased employee attrition,” said David Marko, managing director of On-Demand Analytics at Acumen Solutions.

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Bernardo Rodriguez
Bernardo Rodriguez

“As products and services continue to become more commoditized, customer experience will drive brand differentiation in the marketplace. J.D. Power is working with Qualtrics to help companies understand how to continuously improve their interactions with customers. J.D. Power, entering its 50th year of focusing on customer experience, brings industry thought-leadership, globally recognized benchmarks and actionable insights to drive customer experience optimization, by leveraging Qualtrics’ XM platform. The collaboration with Qualtrics will allow J.D. Power to design and deliver best-in-class customer experience management solutions to the market and our customers,” said Bernardo Rodriguez, Chief Digital Office of J.D. Power.

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Rosie Hawkins
Rosie Hawkins

Rosie Hawkins, Chief Offer and Innovation Officer at Kantar’s Insights Division said, “At Kantar TNS, our long-standing philosophy is that customer centricity is critical for a thriving organization. We’re delighted to be partnering with Qualtrics to help our clients put customers at the heart of every business decision, and prioritize investment by providing them with timely and actionable insights, industry-specific learnings, and advanced analytics.”

Sunil Mirani
Sunil Mirani

“As a part of Ugam’s mission to help clients accelerate their digital transformation, we are delighted to partner with Qualtrics and proud to be one of the first companies to be part of QPN. We are confident that Ugam’s data and analytics solutions, coupled with Qualtrics’ Experience Management Platform, will further empower our customers with actionable insights to make impactful business decisions,” said Ugam co-founder & CEO, Sunil Mirani.

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“The QPN is just what companies need – access to best-in-class technology and exceptional services to drive XM success. Walker is proud to contribute our CX consulting services. With the Qualtrics platform as a foundation, we can offer a flexible, tailored approach to our customers that lead to better, faster results,” said Steve Walker, chairman & CEO, Walker Information.


John Torrey
John Torrey

“We are taking a major step in our journey to transform the Qualtrics Experience Management partner ecosystem into a truly global network of experts. QPN expands experience solutions and services across all industries and geographies, allowing our customers to benefit from the knowledge, expertise, and insights of our partners. We are committed to ensuring the success of our partners in the new world of holistic experience management, helping them to build and expand the reach and impact of their solutions in the experience economy,” said John Torrey, Chief Corporate Development Officer, Qualtrics.

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