Prime TSR Launches Customer Experience 360 Campaign

Prime TSR launches a new marketing campaign focused on using modern technology and business thinking to drive superior customer experiences. The campaign will include interviews with the Prime TSR executive team and covers topics such as predictive analytics, CRM, unified digital experiences, call center technology, and voice and chatbot technology for customer service.

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“We’ve been helping our clients transform how they interact with their customers, starting with the technology foundations that drive these experiences. It’s always exciting to see the impact of enabling our clients to serve their customers better. Many companies are coming around to the idea of hyper-focusing on the customer’s needs and the technology to drive those experiences,” says Eugene Khazin, Principal and Co-Founder, Prime TSR.

Executives interviewed for the campaign include Geremy Reiner, Eric Peebles, Rich Kopeikin, Wally Walikainen, Tim Stone, Chris Jonsson, Jack Marchetti, and John Bennett.

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“Prime TSR has always excelled at enabling clients to get a 360 degree view of their customers, and this is the first time we’ve formally announced this initiative to drive better customer experiences, including improved healthcare patient experiences,” says Stacey Doherty, VP of Marketing, Prime TSR.

This campaign solidifies Prime TSR as a company that takes a more human-centered approach to fix problems instead of a purely technical one. Prime TSR helps clients improve their businesses by allowing them to identify and fix issues that their customers or stakeholders are facing.

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