Rakuten Ready ROI Study Reveals The Fastest And Most Profitable QSR Order Channel

Rakuten Ready, the mobile Order for Pickup technology leader defining the future with solutions that deliver a superior in-store experience, unveiled their inaugural Rakuten Ready 2020 ROI Study to understand how and why to shift the order mix to Order for Pickup, and why utilizing the right technology will improve both profitability and the customer experience.

Secret shoppers visited Burger King, Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s and Taco Bell locations in 30 cities to place in-person orders. The Rakuten Ready ROI Study showed that Order for Pickup is the most efficient channel, allowing restaurants to serve customers up to 2X faster than Drive-Thru and 3.6X faster than In-Person ordering. For example, the study found that Chick-fil-A’s order for pickup was 2X faster than the Drive-Thru and 3X faster than ordering In-Person.

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The study highlights Order for Pickup from a mobile app or website is the most efficient channel and how making the investment in shifting the order mix towards Order for Pickup can make a considerable impact:

  1. Increased operational efficiency driving higher throughput
  2. Improved margins from lower delivery commissions and more upsell opportunities
  3. Faster wait times leading to more frequent, loyal customers

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“Restaurant profitability has come under a lot of pressure from the rise of the delivery channel. However, our data shows there is a path to increased profits by prioritizing investment in shifting valuable mobile-first customers towards Order for Pickup,” said Jaron Waldman, Co-Founder and CEO of Rakuten Ready. “The shift in order mix is only the first step, brands must also look at the bigger picture to understand what impact an investment in the right technology, compelling marketing, and improved infrastructure have on the ROI equation.”

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