SiteOne Services Announces Mobile-Friendly Interface for Tablets

Capability Will Streamline Home Walkthrough Processes, Improve Productivity in the Field and Reduce Risk

SiteOne Services, a customer service and work order management platform for builders, today announced the ability to access the full functionality of SiteOne via a mobile device, such as a tablet. Field teams can now perform more efficient walkthroughs and inspections without having to carry binders and paper forms. Every homeowner’s concern and issue and can be easily documented and work requests on the SiteOne platform created instantly while still in the field. This new functionality will be demonstrated at the NAHB International Builders Show this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Booth #SU1325, January 21-23.

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Faster Walkthroughs = Great Customer Experience

Adding speed and structure to your closeout process while ensuring essential items are reported and taken care of quickly gives homeowners satisfaction in knowing that their new house is ready to move-in. SiteOne mobile functionality allows builders to go through the orientation checklist and have the owner digitally sign off on all home details. If an issue is found, a work order can be created instantly and recorded directly in the platform, and as with all new work orders, the builder, homeowner, and contractor are all notified and will receive status updates as the work is completed.

“SiteOne customers can now conduct a completely paperless service process from orientation to acceptance. The time and expense saved from having to manually input work orders at the end of the day, and send them to an administrator who then assigns them to a sub, add up quickly! We can save your team hours of work and give your homeowners a great customer experience – just another reason why SiteOne is the better choice for customer service and warranty management,” said Mike Giosso, president and founder of SiteOne Services.

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Standardizing Processes

SiteOne standardizes and centralizes processes that result in shortened work order cycle times, reduced costs, increased productivity, and less risk.

  • All new home inspections use the same pre-loaded checklists and templates across each project to ensure consistency.
  • Issues can now be documented in the field with notes and photos, then digitally signed by the homeowner to ensure an indisputable record of work requested and agreed on.
  • Builders can be more responsive and competitive by checking the status of open requests and electronically accepting or denying them from anywhere.
  • Specific pre-planned escalations and workflows are instantly triggered by actions completed on the SiteOne platform.

SiteOne helps mitigate risk by documenting every request and process. Once a work order is assigned to a trade, it begins to age. If the trade does not respond within a set time, the SiteOne system will reissue it and send a notification. It will reissue the same request three times before escalating, and every action is documented, including actions taken by builder representatives, homeowners, and trades.

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