Talla Launches Customer Assist to Accurately Automate 90% of Support Inquiries

Industry Leader in AI-Powered Support Automation Reduces Resolution Times to Seconds

Talla, a leader in AI-powered support automation, announced its new Customer Assist product which gives businesses the ability to automate their chat- and web-based support with over 90% accuracy. Together with its Support Rep Assist and Knowledge Assist offerings, Talla customers are able to augment and automate each stage of the support experience, from self-serve customer support, to how support reps answer tickets and the quality of information they provide. The Talla platform allows businesses to drastically reduce support resolution times, bring improvements to customer satisfaction, and make support reps more productive.

Talla CEO Rob May commented, “AI gives businesses the power to automate things that they haven’t been able to automate previously. Customer support teams have historically been forced to make a tradeoff between providing better quality support or support at a lower cost, but with AI and automation technologies, they can do both, and that’s really impactful. By using machine learning to understand both support content and match it to user intent, Talla is able to deliver the most accurate information. This means shorter resolution times and happier customers.”

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SAP Concur Senior Director of Client Success Management Matt Berg commented, “Before Talla we had been looking for ways to centralize our team’s tribal knowledge, process guidelines and all of our technical information. Talla has been an absolute game changer in the way our Client Success Team finds information. It’s greatly reduced the amount of time we spend searching for answers down to seconds. The machine learning capabilities are incredible; Talla is able to decipher exactly what is asked and deliver the correct response over 90% of the time. At the end of the day, we want our clients to run better and more intelligently and Talla continues to change the speed at which we deliver that value.”

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The Talla platform includes Customer Assist, Support Rep Assist, and Knowledge Assist. Customer Assist automates answering support tickets directly on a company’s site, allowing the end customer to interact directly with Talla. Support Rep Assist acts as an intelligent assistant for a company’s support reps by automatically suggesting answers to support tickets and finding information. Knowledge Assist automates keeping support content accurate by verifying information, suggesting improvements to content, and building knowledge workflows. All three products use machine learning to improve accuracy and deliver improvements over time.

Talla gives businesses the ability to both enhance the customer experience while improving the ROI for their business. Talla integrates with a support team’s existing systems and workflows to build machine learning models of common tasks, answer common support questions, and make every rep more productive with the most accurate AI-powered performance on the market.

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