Techsee Introduces Continuity, the Industry’s First Omnichannel Solution for Truly Customer-Centric Visual Service

The solution passes customer engagement data and visual context from digital self-service channels seamlessly to live agents when customers transition from self-service to live interactions.

TechSee, the market leader in Computer Vision solutions for customer service, announced the launch of Continuity, a seamless solution to drastically improve the customer experience by syncing visual customer interaction data between self-service channels, live agent, and field agent interactions. This seamless approach reduces the need for repeated explanation or information entry by providing agents with visual context from the customer’s self-support experience. Customer experience teams can now use traditional self-service channels like automated chat, phone, and messaging to capture visual information like video and images as well as guide customers to perform real-world activities using computer vision and AI, and if a live session with an agent is needed, all of the captured information is passed to the agent.

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TechSee’s Enhanced Visual Engagement Platform layers on visual communications and AI guidance to all steps of the customer support journey from self-service to live agent assistance. Research shows that the vast majority of today’s self-service interactions require additional assistance from a remote or field agent. By providing context continuity between channels, agents and end-users will now be able to resolve issues more efficiently and improve customer satisfaction.

Channel switching from self-service to live agent interaction has been proven by multiple studies to be the leading factor in increasing customer effort, resulting in lower customer satisfaction. High-effort interactions include needing to repeat information, interacting a second time, experiencing ‘generic’ service, a lack of self-service option, or needing to exert additional mental effort to have an issue resolved. With the seamless contextual transfer of data between self-service, live remote service, and field service interactions, TechSee’s Continuity will drive improved customer satisfaction and agent performance scores.

Eitan Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder of TechSee said: “Having to repeatedly explain an issue and repeat or re-enter information throughout a fragmented string of interactions is a frustrating situation we are all familiar with. Techsee’s Continuity takes into account the full omnichannel journey, and delivers a continuous, seamless and visual customer experience.”

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