Thryv, Inc. Enhances CRM For Industry-Specific Task, Project, Job And Client Management

Thryv Holdings, Inc, the provider of Thryv® software, the leading end-to-end customer experience platform built for growing small businesses, today announces it has enhanced its customer relationship management (CRM) to provide more structured, industry-specific communication and workflow within its platform.

In essence, Thryv users can now utilize their CRM with a one-to-many configuration, which allows them to organize multiple jobs, projects, cases and individuals under the same contact. While every Thryv account comes pre-configured for a variety of industries, every business owner can customize the Thryv CRM to track their specific unit of work.

For instance, a dentist can list several children under the same parent; a mechanic can service multiple vehicles for the same owner; a lawyer can organize multiple cases for the same client; and a contractor can list several house upgrade jobs for the same homeowner. The options and flexibility are as diverse as the businesses that use them. Tailoring the software around key vertical segments reduces friction at the point of sale and simplifies onboarding.

Thryv customers can now choose to manage: 

  • Properties — ideal for contractors, real estate, property management
  • Students — organize daycare or school setting with ease
  • Pets — for dog walkers, groomers, doggie daycare and vets
  • Cases — ideal option for medical, law or insurance offices
  • Projects — catch-all category for everyone from wedding planners to graphic designers
  • Vehicles — oil change services, mechanics, maintenance, detail services, resellers
  • Opportunities — optimal for sales teams, investors, consultants
  • Accounts — customizable category for financial services, retail, designers, etc.
  • Jobs — construction projects, home services, lawncare, etc.

“I love it,” said Petrina Tebor of Air Duct Aseptics in Florida, who was a member of the testing group and uses the Properties option. “To be able to have different jobs for the same client is amazing.”

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As of March 1, 2021, new Thryv customers will receive a preconfigured CRM perfectly organized for their industry. Current customers can make the transition, adding new patients, jobs, pets, or other types of accounts with just a single change to their settings. Customers can also add tags to make everything from searching for a contact to setting up marketing automation easier than ever. Each job, task, patient, or project can also be assigned to a staff member for better organization and teamwork.

“The launch of Thryv’s CRM enhancement is transformational for our customers, and one of our top requested improvements,” said Ryan Cantor, Thryv’s VP of Product and Marketing. “By creating a 100% verticalized one-to-many configuration, each business owner can manage their day-to-day workflow and organization that makes the most sense for their business, and further amplifies the customer experience, communication and service they can provide with the full functionality of Thryv’s powerful platform.”

Sarah Chadbourne, of River Wind Events in Seco, Maine, was another member of the testing group. “Great new features,” she said. “Love seeing the changes and I like seeing more efficient ways to do my work. The team at Thryv are listening and working on making things work for all of us.”

Thryv’s Client Portal allows customers of Chadbourne and Tebor to log in, select the correct patient, pet, job or project, then make a payment, schedule an appointment, upload a document and more, creating seamless interactions and experiences from every perspective.

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