transcosmos Releases an FAQ Management Service

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Helps businesses make their FAQ pages “easier for consumers to find”

transcosmos inc. hereby announces that the company has released an FAQ management service that includes search engine optimization (SEO) solutions. By structuring FAQs and applying effective SEO techniques, the service helps businesses optimize their FAQ management and operations processes. A dedicated transcosmos team provides an end-to-end service from building initial system environment, to creating FAQ content, to deploying the service, to making proposals and taking initiatives to make the FAQ management and operations even better. In addition, with tools specifically designed for cloud, clients can structure their FAQ content, apply SEO techniques, and create content with an intuitive UI, without needing an expert.

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Although many companies show FAQs on their official websites, they face common challenges such as “customers don’t check our FAQ page and so cannot decrease call inquiries at all” and “cannot tell whether our FAQs are useful, and which FAQ content needs to be modified, deleted, or added.” At the same time, consumers prefer self-service solutions over relying on customer support centers, as much as possible. transcosmos’s research shows that about 80% of consumers try solving their problems by themselves before contacting customer support centers. It is also said that this trend is strong in particular among Millenniums and Generation Z.

There is also a change in consumer behavior. Traditionally, consumers first visited a company’s official homepage and then moved onto a page which shows the information they need, but today, consumers start from “Search,” and directly access the page that they want to check such as a product or service page and FAQ page. Given the increase in importance of Google search results since the arrival of the smartphone, businesses must show relevant content and a significant amount of it on Google search result pages to provide information that enables consumers to self-solve their problems which will ultimately results in higher customer satisfaction.

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On top of FAQ content creation, analysis and reporting services that the company’s existing knowledge management services offer, the new service also structures clients’ FAQ page (tag information written in html code to make it easier for search engine to recognize the information) and offers SEO solutions. With this service, consumers can find relevant content at the top of search result pages when they search on Google and other search engines, creating an ideal search experience for users. What’s more, equipped with an FAQ engine that enables natural language search, not mere keyword matching, the service shows FAQ content that is relevant to consumer’s search query. The engine also comes with a suggest function as a basic function that provides suggestions to consumers as they enter their search query into the search box. Pricing plans start with an initial implementation fee of 300,000 yen and a monthly running fee of 100,000 yen.

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