Vision Critical Introduces Touchpoint App For Broad Engagement, Enhances Popular Sparq Platform

Vision Critical, a continuous customer insights solution provider, today introduced its latest innovations to improve customer experience. Touchpoint is a new cloud-based application that enables brands to create quick and engaging interactions with broader customer bases while also extending the already deep functionality within the Sparq communities platform to collect actionable customer insights. Additionally, the company’s customer-led Sparq Spring ‘20 release enhances member engagement and increases administrative efficiency and functionality.

“Touchpoint brings powerful engagement with individuals to collect broad feedback and then recruit into an insight community,“ said Riaz Raihan, President of Products at Vision Critical. “Touchpoint enables companies to connect with their customers where they spend time already, whether web, eCommerce, social media, or messaging platforms. This enables organizations to recruit individuals that are already engaging with their brand and care about the topics and values they represent.”

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The Touchpoint app enables brands to reach new customers that have been traditionally difficult to connect with by engaging on social sites and other online locations where customers are more likely to spend time and do so via their mobile devices. Unlike traditional methods of recruitment, Touchpoint enables organizations to engage with customers less likely to respond to a full survey. Touchpoint also increases the quality of the recruit by bringing in people who are more likely to be regularly involved.

Sparq, the company’s flagship customer insights platform, also gives brands the power to connect live/virtual experiences with digital customer feedback to inform critical business decisions. Integrating with technologies such as Zoom, brands are able to form an even deeper personal connection with their customers.

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Sparq Spring ’20, the latest version of the company’s customer insights platform, continues to showcase new advancements that customers asked for and worked with Vision Critical product teams to test, such as the:

  • addition of Quick Polls, enabling brands to have quick, fun, and engaging interaction right in the member hub, their home for member engagement.
  • ability for administrators to show members what the brand has learned from them. This transparency strengthens relationships between brands and customers and invites customers to collaborate and confirm data collected is accurate, as well as provide any additional details they want the companies to know.
  • capability for administrators to easily set up and configure Single Sign On (SSO) for easy administrative access to the platform.

The Sparq digital insights platform helps companies get the richest insights into their customers’ behaviors and attitudes on a regular – and immediate – basis. Sparq helps proactively drive informed actions and better business outcomes based on customer insights, as well as build customer trust and lifetime value by showing customers how their feedback is being applied.

Today, Vision Critical also announced its first of many industry-specific solutions with its Sparq patient experience package which, helps healthcare organizations accelerate improvements for the patient community.

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