Vocalcom Optimizes the Service Quality of ENGIE Solutions’ Critical Tasks With Its Hermes Contact Center Solution

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ENGIE Solutions, a leading partner of companies, industries, and engaged communities in France, has relied for several years on Vocalcom, a global leader in customer experience and cloud contact center solutions, for optimizing the service quality of its critical tasks. The company’s Retail & Logistics division deployed the Vocalcom Hermes solution in both its internal and external contact centers to manage customer service handling the technical service calls for refrigeration and cooling solution operations.

The Retail & Logistics division at ENGIE Solutions is specialized in cooling and refrigeration solutions for the fresh product, agribusiness, health, and controlled temperature logistics industries for major distributors. The efficiency of their activities with their customers – including hospitals, nursing homes, and retailers – relies on its customer service center’s 24/7 availability. To deliver such service, ENGIE Solutions counts on both an internal contact center and an external service provider – who assists especially during non-working hours – in order to manage close to 450 000 customer interactions per year.

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ENGIE Solutions’ tasks are critical, with intervention delays of less than 2 or 4 hours, depending on the customer’s equipment type. Organization is planned down to the smallest details, and agents must be able to send a technician for a service intervention as quickly as possible if an emergency cannot be resolved by phone.

In the past, ENGIE Solutions used an ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) which required paying a service provider for maintenance as well as for each configuration or adjustment. The company wished to have a flexible, easy-to-use solution which could be configured autonomously. ENGIE Solutions therefore turned to the Vocalcom Hermes contact center solution.

Vocalcom’s industry expertise helps deliver the best service quality

The Vocalcom contact center solution provided ENGIE Solutions total autonomy for overseeing call flows and resources, managing services, launching campaigns, and modifying the IVR. Its flexibility and scripting capabilities also enabled the company to gather data from the ERP and create an all-encompassing CRM.

Agents access all important information through the Vocalcom solution in order to quickly set up service interventions – including the customer’s address, interaction history, the technician’s contact details, the name and location of the closest agency, and the agency’s operating hours. In addition, the Vocalcom supervision tool enables ENGIE Solutions to view its KPIs and the state of its different departments and resources in real-time, which allows continuous service quality optimization, that remains an absolute priority.

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« Service interventions for cooling solutions are critical and require quick 24/7 reactivity from our agents. The Vocalcom Hermes solution allows us to easily manage call flows and access key information in real-time to organize on-site interventions as quickly as possible, » states Cyril Roustan, Retail & Logistics Customer Service Center Manager at ENGIE Solutions Industries.

On another note, the flexibility of the Vocalcom solution was a major asset at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis as it enabled the continuity of the company’s operations. ENGIE Solutions was able to deploy a remote working model for its agents in only 24 hours and immediately adjust its scripts autonomously. In this manner, the company was able to assign lines to agents and route calls toward any station or PC.

« Our expertise in customer service allowed us to equip ENGIE Solutions with a solution adapted to its operations that could optimize customer experience and agent comfort, » says Carlo Costanzia, President and CEO of Vocalcom. «We are thrilled to support the company and help them deliver high-quality service thanks to the flexibility and user-friendliness of our solution.

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