WEVO Climbs To Second Spot On G2 Crowd’s Ranking of User Research Software In Near Record Time

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Company Ascends to Leadership Position Less Than Three Months After Debuting on G2 Crowd

WEVO, the market leader in providing digital marketers the tools to optimize digital experiences before going live, announced it has been named a leader in two of G2 Crowd’s latest Grid® reports. WEVO ranked second in User Research Software in North America and was the fastest growing company in the category, in addition to being one of the highest performing. It ranked first in the Other Conversion Rate Optimization Grid.

WEVO is thrilled to have such overwhelming positive feedback from customers, leading to G2 Crowd’s recognition of WEVO as a leader in User Research Software.

“WEVO is thrilled to have such overwhelming positive feedback from customers, leading to G2 Crowd’s recognition of WEVO as a leader in User Research Software,” Nitzan Shaer, CEO and co-founder of WEVO, said. “For too long, digital marketers have been frustrated by the challenges to uncover why more people do not convert to customers on their website. Pre-live testing enables digital marketers and agencies to test concepts before launching marketing campaigns, enabling them to pinpoint pre-launch why they aren’t converting. By disrupting the traditional process of launching, A/B testing, and iterating only after campaigns have gone live, WEVO is pioneering the field of Pre-Live testing and helping companies achieve increased conversion rates and realized missed revenues from day one of any new campaign.”

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G2 Crowd’s Grid is based on real, unbiased user reviews and rates platforms algorithmically from product reviews shared by G2 Crowd users and data aggregated from online sources and social networks. The G2 Crowd ranking takes into account several factors buyers should consider including product attributes, vendor market presence, customer satisfaction, G2 Net Promoter Score® and the quality and age of reviews. Vendors in both reports are ranked by customer satisfaction and market presence.

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WEVO represents a paradigm shift for digital marketers and agencies, who have historically launched campaigns only to learn post-launch why they failed. WEVO has developed the only marketing technology platform that blends artificial intelligence and customer feedback to generate actionable recommendations for its customers, empowering them to create more effective digital experiences and significantly increase conversion rates.

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