WorkWave Launches SalesPro to Empower Businesses to Generate More Sales, More Efficiently

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Intuitive, Cloud-Based Sales Solution Integrated Within Workwave Servman Shortens the Sales Cycle, Generating More New Customers, Increasing Sales, and Improving the Customer Experience

WorkWave®, a provider of cloud-based software solutions that support every stage of a service business’s lifecycle, announces the launch of SalesPro, an intuitive, cloud-based sales proposal creation solution integrated into WorkWave’s ServMan software platform designed to shorten the sales cycle, increase sales conversions, and deliver a superior customer experience.

“Leaders of service-driven companies in every industry know that selling to net new customers, and upselling existing customers, is just as important as providing great service,” says David F. Giannetto, CEO of WorkWave. “With SalesPro, sales teams will be able to close deals faster by moving from proposal to order seamlessly while standing in a customer’s location. This gives them an edge over their competition, and the ability to quickly convert new customers, upsell existing ones, and generate more revenue and profit for their businesses. And this experience gives customers exactly the right first impression they want when establishing a long-lasting customer relationship with a service provider.”

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WorkWave’s ServMan solution is a highly configurable, fully-integrated enterprise resource management platform designed to enable complex, middle-market residential and commercial, single or multi-location service companies to be in control of how they want to manage and grow their businesses. With SalesPro, ServMan businesses have the power to create custom proposal templates that utilize current inventory stock and costing information to prepare and present for digital sign-off complex, image-rich sales proposals directly to customers while on-site. The fully-integrated design of ServMan allows these proposals to not only establish new customers and agreements, but also generate work orders, create service schedules, and kick-off automatically scheduled events, shortening the overall order to cash cycle.

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