TMMData Announces Deep Integration with Adobe Cloud Platform

Leading Data Integration Solution Will Provide Marketers with Seamless Data Movement Between Adobe Cloud Platform and Other Marketing Data Sources

Digital marketers face ever-increasing challenges in accessing the many data sources needed for planning and optimizing digital marketing campaigns. Billions of data points and decisions inform digital marketing strategies, from thousands of keywords across multiple properties to targeting parameters like audience, device, geography, time of day and more, all coming from departments across the organization and beyond.

To address these challenges, TMMData announced its integration with Adobe Cloud Platform, developed in collaboration with Adobe’s platform product team.

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Adobe selected TMMData, a premier flexible data integration and preparation platform, to integrate with its Adobe Cloud Platform due to its deep expertise in developing data integration solutions for the past ten years. The integration with Adobe Cloud Platform provides bi-directional Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) integration services, providing marketers with the ability to seamlessly move data between Adobe Cloud Platform, on- and offline sources, and cloud or on-premises databases.

Jim Rivera

“TMMData has a strong track record of helping brands with a smooth data connection.They were an obvious partner to collaborate with early on this initiative. We’re excited to have TMMData involved in Adobe Cloud Platform and look forward to continuing our work with them in 2018,” said Jim Rivera, Senior Director Product Management, Adobe Experience Cloud.

TMMData’s Foundation platform provides seamless connections from nearly any data source, eliminates repetitive campaign classification tasks, and automates direct data uploads to critical tools. In addition, TMMData’s Foundation platform allows marketers to blend data from across the organization – including sales, call center, and product databases – to build robust segments, improve audience targeting and inform engagement strategies.

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Bob Selfridge

“Through this integration, our respective teams have joined forces to provide solutions eliminating the all-too-common data access, data management and ETL hurdles faced by digital marketers. Our collaboration with Adobe will allow better delivery of the data resources and tools needed to automate and standardize data delivery to the valuable marketing platforms used across industries today – and into the future,” said Bob Selfridge, founder, CEO, TMMData.

TMMData powers the data supply chains of enterprises across a range of industries, including several clients it has in common with Adobe, such as Comcast, Shell, FedEx, Expedia, Royal Caribbean and Sony Entertainment, among others. TMMData’s Foundation platform automates the process of accessing, preparing and standardizing data from any on- or offline source to deliver direct data outputs for analysis.

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