Daily MarTech Roundup: Latest Marketing and Sales Technology News, Product Annoucements and Insights

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Today’s Daily MarTech Round-up covers the latest in Cloud, Marketing Analytics, Automation, Customer experience, AI and ML announcements from Signal Vine (Unified Communication), Vee24 (Customer Experience), Exemplifi (Content), Vbrick (Video), and Jumio (Identity Management).

Signal Vine Launches Signal Vine Messaging on Salesforce AppExchange

Signal Vine, a leading provider of blended SMS communications with students across the education industry, announced it has launched Signal Vine Messaging on Salesforce AppExchange. Signal Vine Messaging, a complete text messaging app, allows customers to integrate Signal Vine into their Salesforce instance to message audiences directly.

The Future of Live Engagement is Here as Vee24 Launches V11 Intelligent Conversational Experience

Vee24, the leader in intelligentconversational, multi-experience solutions, announced the launch of its latest release, raising the bar for live online customer engagement. The release is currently live in production with more than 100 clients globally who are using the platform to allow sales, marketing, and service agents to collaborate with customers in ways that were not previously possible.

Exemplifi Partners With Contentful to Deliver Enterprise Websites

Exemplifi is a leader in building enterprise websites. The sites that Exemplifi builds for its clients operate within a complex marketing tech ecosystem. They are built to personalize user experiences, convert leads effectively, navigate sophisticated customer journeys, and measure marketing performance.

Vbrick Delivers New Era of Video Intelligence, Improved User Experience and Enhanced Application Management

Vbrick, the leader in enterprise video platform solutions, announced innovations and enhancements in webcast analytics with the June 2020 Rev Platform release. Rev’s video intelligence enhancements include a new industry leading real-time analytics dashboard to provide visibility into webcast performance. Additionally, existing Zoom integration has been enhanced to deliver a more seamless user experience.

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