Daily MarTech Roundup: Latest Marketing and Sales Technology News, Product Annoucements and Insights

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Today’s Daily MarTech Round-up covers the latest in Cloud, Marketing Analytics, Automation, Customer experience AI and ML announcements from ASAPP (Customer Experience), Freshworks (CRM), SDL (Content), KMS Lighthouse (Customer Experience Management), Deloitte (Process Automation).

AI in CX Management: ASAPP Scoops $185 Million Funding to Secure CX Innovations

AI in Customer Experience: ASAPP Scoops $185 Million Funding to Secure CX Innovations. Leading AI research firm, ASAPP is taking rapid strides in the field of AI-native technology for Customer Experience and Agency Automation. Disruptions caused by COVID-19 pandemic may have proved to be an overwhelming challenge to sustain businesses, But, for some AI leaders with strong business values, they are focusing on attracting funding and planning marketing and customer service expansion in new markets. ASAPP completed $185 million in Series B investment to radically improve the productivity of customer experience employees.

Salesforce Rival Freshworks Fuels IPO Rumors; Taps SaaS Veteran Tyler Sloat as CFO

Freshworks is fueling its IPO ambition in 2020, after announcing a very encouraging annual revenue numbers. The Freshworks IPO moment remains the most-awaited MarTech event — and longer it waits, stronger the speculations about Freshworks ongoing funding plans get. Maybe that’s why, to attract investors through IPO, Freshworks has announced a new CFO, when companies are actually dropping their hiring and headhunting strategies. In February, the company had acquired AnswerIQ.

SDL Announces Strategic Partnership with Aprimo

SDL, the intelligent language and content company, has formed a strategic partnership with Aprimo, an industry-leading digital asset management and work management software provider. The partnership is focused on helping companies to orchestrate their entire content supply chain and translate all digital assets from a centralized digital experience hub. The combination of both companies’ technologies will provide the brand control and agility required to power rich, localized digital experiences.

KMS Lighthouse Expands Its Knowledge Management Solution via Native Integration With Zendesk

KMS Lighthouse has officially launched its KMS Lighthouse Zendesk integration offering: Lighthouse for Zendesk Chat and Lighthouse for Zendesk Support. Integrating KMS Lighthouse with Zendesk improves agent and customer experiences, ensuring fast, accurate access for agents to search and retrieve answers to customers’ questions instantly in Lighthouse.

Deloitte and UiPath Collaborate to Deliver Deloitte Intelligent Document Processing

Deloitte and UiPath, the enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, today announced they are working together to deliver Deloitte Intelligent Document Processing (DIDP). DIDP is an on-premise or cloud-based automation accelerator, delivering a capability which captures documents before extracting, classifying, and verifying their data for processing. The integrated technology includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Human-in-the-Loop (HITL), Machine Learning (ML), and the UiPath RPA. The power of DIDP is its ability to handle multiple document types by processing any type of structured or semi-structured document, ranging from invoices to contracts.

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