Futuri Media Makes a Broader Set of Patented Interactive Features Available for Licensing

Cleveland-Based Technology Company Holds Patents in More Than 150 Countries Worldwide

Futuri Media, a global leader in SaaS technology designed to drive audience and revenue growth for broadcasters, announced that it is making a broader set of its most popular intellectual property available for license to media companies who desire to use its award-winning IP in their own applications.

Futuri, named Tech Company of the Year 2017 by OHTec, has an extensive portfolio of intellectual property assets. These include patents (of which the company has 11 published or pending), trade dress, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Futuri has protected IP filed in 151 countries and has licensed IP to media companies in twenty countries to date.

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While Futuri’s IP licensing agreements are typically in connection with product subscription or service agreements, Futuri is now opening up licensing for features and systems of interest to media companies desiring to build their own apps or other software in the likeness of Futuri’s award-winning IP.

Futuri’s product offerings include Futuri Mobile, highly-customized and engaging mobile apps; on-demand and podcasting system POST; the TopLine sales research and data visualization app; story discovery and show prep tool TopicPulse; interactive broadcasting system #engage; high-quality, ultra-reliable Futuri Streaming; and smart speaker skills for broadcasters.

Futuri Media Makes a Broader Set of Patented Interactive Features Available for Licensing
Daniel Anstandig

“Since Futuri Media launched in 2009, we’ve invested millions of dollars in innovation, feature set development, and new technologies. Along the way, we’ve taken considerable measures to protect Futuri’s unique intellectual property – not just our products, but the underlying technology that powers each of them,” said Futuri Media CEO Daniel Anstandig. “We’re pleased to open discussions regarding licensing to partners who want to build on our current innovations while Futuri continues to focus on our core mission – driving audience and revenue growth by deepening consumers’ trust in, affinity for, and loyalty to brands and the teams who represent them.”

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