33Across Introduces Lexicon, New Identity Solution Makes 90% of Publisher Inventory Addressable

33Across, a leading programmatic publisher platform integrated across 800,000 publishers, announced the launch of  Lexicon, an identity solution created specifically to help publishers succeed without cookies. Just as advertisers need to plan for a world without cookies, publishers require a supply-first solution to balance privacy and monetization for the open web.

Through Lexicon, 33Across has re-architected the way their exchange works to help publishers become less reliant on browsers and simplify the increasingly complex identity landscape. Lexicon provides publishers a comprehensive approach to unlock addressability and monetization that is architected for privacy. Since Lexicon’s launch, 33Across demand for cookieless inventory has resulted in a 23% increase in publisher revenue.

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Current Publisher Landscape 

Today, publishers earn almost all of their programmatic revenue from the approximately 60% of their inventory that’s cookied. Many of the industry’s identity solutions are built for the demand side and focus on user authentication which accounts for less than 5% of publisher inventory today. In 2022, publishers face a looming $10B revenue decline according to McKinsey and the IAB due to the “Addressability Gap” between cookied and authenticated inventory.  Publishers need an integrated solution that increases addressability across all inventory, allowing them to take control of their own destiny without incurring incremental surcharges.

“It was clear that an SSP needed to step up and provide a simple, integrated solution that allowed for scaled interoperability and reduced reliance on any single ID provider and the inherent difficulties in getting them to scale,” said Eric Wheeler, CEO of 33Across, “Out of the box, Lexicon enables publishers to grow their business, not just survive post-cookie, bringing more built-in scale and monetization than any other solution with no incremental technology lift – all with no ad tax.”

Introducing Lexicon

With 33Across’ Lexicon, publishers are now equipped with the technology to make their inventory addressable, build scaled audiences, increase monetization instantly, all while honoring consumer privacy choices. Fully integrated into the 33Across Exchange, Lexicon provides real-time identity resolution with unmatched scale reaching 500 million US browsers and growing. Lexicon is available to all 33Across publishers and demand partners without any additional fees.

“The cookieless future, is one of our biggest challenges and 33Across’ Lexicon solution to monetizing unaddressable traffic could be an industry gamechanger,” said Amanda Gomez, VP of Revenue Ops at New York Post, “Beyond the potential revenue it brings, we are thrilled that it eliminates the need for any backend heavy lifting.”

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Lexicon helps publishers in the following ways:

  1. Built-in Publisher Graph: 33Across is the first supply-side platform to embed an identity graph directly into their exchange, making 90% of publisher inventory addressable. The Lexicon Pub Token seamlessly connects multiple partner identifiers together across authenticated and unauthenticated traffic.
  2. Scale: At launch, 33Across’ Lexicon reaches over 500 million US browsers providing publishers scaled monetization independent of cookies.
  3. Addressable Audiences: The Lexicon Pub Token powers over 500 curated audiences enabling publishers to deliver tailored messaging while supporting consumers’ privacy choices.

“MediaMath continues setting industry standards with our Identity marketplace and SOURCE initiative, providing our buyers with full accountability, addressability, transparency, and choice,” said Anudit Vikram, Chief Product Officer at MediaMath. “33Across Lexicon’s built-in addressability and audience capabilities drive innovation as the industry moves toward a cookie-less future, which ties to our commitments and vision for an effective digital media supply chain.”

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