Neutronian Announces ID5 as the first NQI Certified Identity Solution, Launches Ratings of Top 250 Active Data Sellers

Neutronian provides scoring of data solutions, including first-party retail rewards providers, based on public transparency and in-depth data quality reviews

Neutronian announced that ID5 has received its “Certified by Neutronian” badge, verifying that ID5’s Identity Cloud solution meets or exceeds industry standards in the areas of data quality and privacy compliance. Based on the recently published Neutronian Quality Index, or NQI™, data quality scoring framework, the certification provides marketers with validation that the identity solution has been audited by an independent 3rd party against established compliance, quality, methodology, and performance benchmarks.

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“With cookie-deprecation rapidly approaching and privacy regulations continuing to evolve, marketers need high-quality, privacy-first identity solutions that they can trust to maximize their audience reach across all environments both today and tomorrow,” said Mathieu Roche, CEO of ID5. “The work of Neutronian is indispensable to the industry to provide the independent accreditation needed for confidence and reliability. We are delighted to serve as the first identity solution provider to receive such accreditation and look forward to continuing our work with Neutronian and the broader industry to provide solutions that protect consumer consent and deliver accuracy.”

Neutronian further announced that it has published its first official NQI Transparency Ratings report, a rank order list of roughly 250 data providers including those who commonly sell third-party audience segments to marketers, data marketplaces that enable campaign targeting such as LiveRamp, Trade Desk, or Oracle and identity frameworks helping to link datasets. This list is based off a review of publicly available data and gives marketers a summary view of potential high or low quality indicators that may guide their data investments before actually spending to test the data.

The highest ranked Neutronian certified data providers overall were Affinity Answers, ShareThis, StatSocial and Bombora. At the category level, consumer purchase data provider Ibotta scored well on Source Transparency, Undertone’s cookieless targeting technology received high ratings for Methodology & Processing, and media quality firm DoubleVerify was one of the top ranked on Dataset Characteristics.

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For the first time, Neutronian has also included retail rewards programs such as Kroger, Starbucks, REI, AutoZone, and Office Depot, an assessment of how they manage their first-party data collection and usage practices including the ease with which consumers may give consent for or opt-out of the use of data collected by these programs. For example, with Kroger purchase data now available for sale within private data exchanges, it may be compared head to head with other third-party data sources based on privacy compliance and data usage transparency.

“Neutronian is proud to produce the first-ever ranking of data providers across the MarTech ecosystem, and to include a scoring system for 1st party as well as 3rd party data,” said Timur Yarnall, CEO and co-founder of Neutronian. “Marketers now have a public rating to guide their initial research into which data source may be the best fit for their campaigns and goals. In many cases, unfortunately we found that major retail brands are doing no better than industry average when it comes to giving consumers transparency into data usage and the ability to opt out – and some brands are actually worse than many typical 3rd party data providers when it comes to consent and transparency.”

Brands such as AutoZone, DSW, REI, Great Clips, and Kroger scored below industry average in the “Consent and Compliance” portion of Neutronian’s methodology, while Albertsons, Reebook, and Starbucks scored well above average. Office Depot was the top scoring brand overall followed by Albertsons and Rite Aid.

Neutronian’s core certification and ratings process covers consent standards, opt-in/out processes, privacy and compliance disclosures, sourcing transparency, dataset characteristics, methodology and processing, and performance, ensuring that the data collected and leveraged for marketing solutions adheres to the highest quality standards. An additional level of certification is done to verify specifically that a data provider does not use cookies to build their audience segments, similar in many ways to how Neutronian already verifies that a data provider does not utilize bid stream data in their processes.

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