Ping Identity Adds New Online Fraud Detection and API Intelligence Tools to PingOne Cloud Platform

PingOne Fraud detects and alerts enterprises to fraud before it happens, without adding friction for customers

Ping Identity the intelligent identity solution for the enterprise, continues to enhance its PingOne Cloud Platform with new online fraud detection and other intelligent capabilities that strengthen enterprise cloud security while improving the overall user experience. Ping’s comprehensive end-to-end platform services now allow enterprises to take advantage of the industry trend of converging technologies for online fraud detection, identity proofing, and authentication all from a single cloud identity vendor.

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“Cybercriminals are continuing to take advantage of companies with poor cybersecurity practices, and online fraud will only worsen as more activity takes place online”

PingOne Fraud (formerly SecuredTouch) provides session-based, online fraud detection that detects both automated and manual malicious behavior, without requiring access to PII (Personal Identifiable Information). PingOne Fraud combines real-time behavioral biometrics, navigational analysis, device identification and network signals to detect sophisticated fraud attacks that bypass traditional detection tools and it visually explains to fraud teams where and how they’re being attacked.

PingOne Fraud conducts real-time unique session analysis to clearly distinguish legitimate customers from cybercriminals and protects against things like bots, account takeover and new account fraud. It also improves the customer experience by reducing intrusive fraud measures such as CAPTCHA, working behind the scenes to protect organizations without interrupting customer sessions.

“Cybercriminals are continuing to take advantage of companies with poor cybersecurity practices, and online fraud will only worsen as more activity takes place online,” said Andre Durand, founder and CEO, Ping Identity. “PingOne Fraud safeguards organizations from losing money by intelligently detecting attacks before the checkout process begins. And it’s invisible and frictionless to your loyal customers.”

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API Intelligence in the Cloud

Ping Identity is also strengthening its API security offering via intelligent API visibility, anomaly detection and blocking within the PingOne Cloud Platform. PingOne API Intelligence is an AI-powered API security cloud service that provides a unified view of API activity across all gateways, clouds and data centers for centralized monitoring and reporting. The solution learns traffic behaviors to automatically detect and block threats to enhance an enterprise’s cloud security posture.